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  1. slengteng

    SOLD Konosuke hd1/2 gyuto 240/270

    Hi, Looking for Konosuke hd2 in 240&270. My current 240 is so awesome in pro enviroment and have to have another in same length or longer. Can be in outside EU too. Thanks!
  2. slengteng

    Media Youtube AWESOME!

    Aah, pretty long and so satisfying. More like tools & hand´s stuff, but spotted some deba works in there also.
  3. slengteng

    Which small parer should I buy?

    I have been using Hayashi Dojo 80mm for a several years now at in home and in pro kitchen and its an awesome knife in many ways. Aogami Super gore with ss cladding, great geometry and cheapy prize (~70 bucks).
  4. slengteng

    Show your newest knife buy

    Tosa B#2’s ”workhorses” for pro enviroment. I’m going to rehandle and flatten the bevels.
  5. slengteng

    Show your newest knife buy

    Yoshikazu Tanaka 200mm ktip gyuto in white#2. ”Little” helper in line work.
  6. slengteng

    What were your first three and last three J-knives acquired?

    Yaxell Zen 210 western vg10 gyuto Kikuichimonji 210 western carbon gyuto Hayakawa Hamonoten 150 carbon deba Tsubaya Tanaka blue#1 240 gyuto Kikuchiyo x Kyuzo 240 white#2 gyuto Yoshikazu Tanaka 200 white#2 k-tip gyuto
  7. slengteng

    WTS Konosuke 210´s SW & TB

    Maybe yes, carbon/iron clad interests me.
  8. slengteng

    WTS Konosuke 210´s SW & TB

    Case closed, I´ll keep them.
  9. slengteng

    WTS Konosuke 210´s SW & TB

    I bought it from here;
  10. slengteng

    WTS Konosuke 210´s SW & TB

    Price check! 150€ for each include shipping
  11. slengteng

    WTS Konosuke 210´s SW & TB

    Hi all, I would like to let go these two knives for other hobbies. Both of them is purchased as a new and used in pro kitchen. Location is in EU. Konosuke TB Khii chestnut & eben bolster handle Blue #2 inside stainless cladding Length 210 mm Height 45 mm 138 grams Comes with saya Asking...
  12. slengteng

    Chipped zakuri

    Well, he cut some frozen pizza. I said to him that the knife is a tool so use it, but dont put it in to dishwadher. This is my first chip-fix yet and was thinking to lower the bevel for just in case.
  13. slengteng

    Chipped zakuri

    Hey kkf, Friend of mine wanted a japanese knife. I ordered a zakuri bunka #b1 for him, flattened the bevels, sharpened and rehandled it. After a month of use he chipped the edge quite well.. So I said send it back to me, I will fix it; From there I started to flatten the edge with dead...
  14. slengteng

    Show your newest knife buy

    I felt in wide bevels
  15. slengteng

    Skoal, Skoal, for Norway, Skoal!

    Hi Bert, This knife is made by Marttiini (Finland) and its called ”lapinleuku”. I have the same knife my grandfather left to me.
  16. slengteng

    Hello from Helsinki

  17. slengteng

    Media YouTube Knuckleheads

    Technique needs some practice, I think.
  18. slengteng

    Show your newest knife buy

    Tsubaya Tanaka B#1 240 with satine handle + heavy photoshopping
  19. slengteng

    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    Onion @ Tsubaya Tanaka Blue #1