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  1. robzilla

    name the ONE comfort food for you.

    Pastrami on rye. From Katz’s. Only have had it 3 times, but I crave it pretty much daily…
  2. robzilla

    best pizza

    It’s been 5 years, 5 months and (who’s counting)…. Emma Pizzeria in Rome. Pata negra bellota chorizo…
  3. robzilla

    Pretty places

    Serendipitously, when living in Denver for a few months in 1973, I found a reasonable facsimile of the Maroon Bells in the side passageway of our rental house…
  4. robzilla

    what are you drinking tonight?

    I can have it sent to friends in other states if need be, and pick up on visits. But I pretty much have a 10 year supply of whisky at present….
  5. robzilla

    what are you drinking tonight?

    Also, the Bennuaine titanium crystal tumblers are Glencairns with the Krell Brain Boost.
  6. robzilla

    what are you drinking tonight?

    Loved NoName #1 (got one unopened for the future, YESSSS), thought #2 was a bit cloying. Of course, none of the #3 available in my corrupt state.
  7. robzilla

    Most used knives - then vs now

    In my first decent solo apartment in 1975, I picked from Madame Toguri's Gift Shop a 7" Mac slicer, which I still enjoy using. Then my brother presented me with a Chicago Cutlery pile of crap for our wedding. Then a Henckels 8" chef, a Wusty Classic 10" chef and 6" boner. A bunch of other...
  8. robzilla

    Unpopular opinions

    Re traffic… Indonesia FTW?
  9. robzilla

    what do you guys use for pocket knives?

    Go to Reddit, search worst + wedding, amongst the thousands of posts you will find enlightenment. Major rabbit hole.
  10. robzilla

    Which olive oil for tomato sauce for pasta

    Whole Foods has the bottled organic version at $17.49 per .750. Very good squeezins.
  11. robzilla

    Japanese Knife Music

    You reminded me that I haven't listened to this LP in 30+ years...
  12. robzilla

    Unpopular opinions

    Unpopular amongst...?
  13. robzilla

    What Is Your Go-To Coarse Stone For Heavy Lifting?

    I was just last night using the Venev Phoenix 100/240 on an S Tanaka ginsan gyuto. The stone's surface visually and tactilely felt very smooth, so 30 secs with a green 3M scrubber and some dish soap, and it worked like it was new.
  14. robzilla

    Two Days in Rome

    Emma for the best pizza. The organic iberico chorizo pie is one of the few edible items that really stand out for me as just short of life changing.
  15. robzilla

    All Rectangle March?

  16. robzilla

    i still love my German knives.

    The last knife I bought before I caught the bug was a 6" Wusthof Epicure chefs (uses the same brown crap as the Epicure boards for the handle). It is the only German that I did not get to ruin via the Chef's Choice Sharpener that I thankfully threw out after I started bench sharpening in 2014. I...
  17. robzilla

    Show your newest knife buy

    This little feller came home with me last week...purchased at KKF member @kman94's shop here in Chicago, made by local Dylan Ambrosini... 187mm handle to tip 175 edge 52 h Stainless clad Apex Ultra
  18. robzilla

    SOLD Gesshin Stainless, Itsuo Doi Homura Guren Gyuto, Shinko Seilan Nakiri

    Itsuo Doi Sakai Takayuki Homura Guren Gyuto AT PRESENT pending elsewhere.