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    New West Knifeworks Fish Spatula - $15 spatula, $50 scales, and a $90 logo

    Probably safer to stand behind their spatula than in front of it, all things considered. :p
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    SOLD Tetsujin 270 (Drop)

    Where is the balance point, please?
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    SOLD 240 gyuto tanaka kyuzo KU extra height & nakagawa myojin

    Are you sure the weight is correct on the TxK? Seems light, especially given the extra height.
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    Cladded pan vs Disc pan

    It depends on the diameter of the cookware. The wider pieces have thicker aluminum discs, as you'd hope.
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    Where can I buy hasegawa cutting board in Europe?

    Hiomakivi in Finland also sell Hasegawa and Asahi boards and ship them anywhere in the EU (and worldwide): Rubber Cutting Boards | English They also have an amazing selection of stones. I've had great experiences ordering from them.
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    Flattening an Allclad pan

    It would likely still induct something about 1/2" above the cooktop, but the efficiency would be far lower and the hot-spotting even worse.
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    Flattening an Allclad pan

    A firm strike or two with a heavy rubber mallet would probably do the trick, but it's only ever going to be a short-term fix, as Michi indicated. On induction the pan will warp again in short order, and they'd be back to square one. Better to buy a pan that's essentially warp-proof and more...
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    Flattening an Allclad pan

    I don't think they could possibly claim that heating a pan on induction qualifies as thermal shock. It's normal use. Thermal shock is dropping a raging hot pan into cold water or something similar. FWIW I've given away all my all-clad cookware after moving to induction. Nearly all of it...
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    Recipe Requested What should I do with this

    Make an enormous porchetta. Just find some skin-on pork belly big enough to wrap around the loin. Obviously you'll need a fair amount of belly, but that's the joy of porchetta – tons of tasty crackling. I tend to like using a combo of fennel, lemon zest, garlic, rosemary, sage, red pepper flakes...
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    I usually keep a few bottles of blancos around for mixing, always including Siete Leguas and El Tesoro. For a mixing reposado (paloma, etc) I think it's hard to beat Espolon. And Casa Noble and Ocho are my favorites añejos for drinking neat. FWIW I've tried a few other blancos recently...
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    Knife findings

    One word: Brexit
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    Cooking for two: 10" or 12" skillet?

    For fish I generally prefer nonstick, and Woll make an amazing fish pan with a removable handle that you can pop in the oven for finishing. Not sure how easily available it is in the U.S., but the model number for the induction-capable model is 1538IL. It's large enough to cook two pretty decent...
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    Cast iron and powersettings on induction cooktop.

    Really? If, for instance, you have a pot full of simmering liquid, will you see it simmer, then fall below a simmer, and then back up again? Or are the pulses so quick that it's fairly steady state?
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    Cast iron and powersettings on induction cooktop.

    Yeah, this is one of the things that's *really* hard to explain to people using standalone PICs in the U.S., especially when they're trying to compare power settings with those on full-size induction hobs. I once got into a long back-and-forth with someone about how I had to use a power setting...
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    Cast iron and powersettings on induction cooktop.

    In my experience the Woll coatings do actually last longer. Some of them are claimed to contain things like industrial diamonds or titanium for abrasion resistance, but in a home setting this is mostly marketing puffery. As long as you don't use metal utensils or crazy high heat they'll last...
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    Cast iron and powersettings on induction cooktop.

    I'm not saying it's supported by the current research, but there are seemingly plenty of people who still believe that aluminum is somehow linked to Alzheimer's or contributes to the development of amyloid plaques in the brain. Certainly that was the case on the Chowhound cookware boards. Of...
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    Cast iron and powersettings on induction cooktop.

    Well, that's not entirely true. Woll and Swiss Diamond both make outstanding induction-capable cast aluminum cookware with quite durable nonstick coatings. I prefer Woll to Swiss Diamond, but both are worth a look. After all, the only thing necessary to make a pan induction-capable is for a...
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    SOLD Eddworks S-Grind Nakiri (from recent drop)

    I think it's the second longest. First is this one, which I eventually snagged: SOLD - eddworks 237x54mm
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    SOLD Kirameki Blue #1 270mm Gyuto

    If I were stateside this would be long gone!