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  1. JustAnotherJoe

    Customers with the worst knives - Museum of Horrors

    At the same time.. you are a genius!
  2. JustAnotherJoe

    A Bread Thread

    That crust is gorgeous! Mind if I inquire what your oven set up / steam control looks like?
  3. JustAnotherJoe

    Using thickened water on whetstones.

    Well that's facinating. How does it compare to mineral oils or water for preventing metal build up? Also, as some one trying to put thier first edge on a straight rozor, thanks for the pointer.
  4. JustAnotherJoe

    Show Your Newest Sharpening Gear

    That's the widest 30mm I've ever seen! Jokes aside these are pretty stones, but they are slow.
  5. JustAnotherJoe

    Loose abrasive for polishing

    Perhaps you are thinking of Uchigumori powder? Being neither of those?
  6. JustAnotherJoe

    SOLD JNS Red Aoto, Debado 200, Washitas

    Better sign me up for that thinner washita. I really need a courser stone than my king 300 for thinning. I've been meaning to pick up a norton combo crystolon, but if you think the Debado might fill the same roll you could pretty easily convince me to nab it too!
  7. JustAnotherJoe

    Effective "grit size" of natural stones

    This article may be of interest as it is a scratch pattern study. Not the best of sources (a salesman), an extremely limited sample size of stones(4), presures used, and the steel composition , etc.. , but at least its a good attempt to quantitize the stones they sell...
  8. JustAnotherJoe

    My Little Honey

    Uniform sizes and 8×3 at that... Away from home during the week days you say? ... Jokes aside, how is that dan's washita treating you? Also, are you using an oil for a lubricant on them? Also, what type of cutlery are you sharpening? I have a much smaller version of that 'washita' I'm still...
  9. JustAnotherJoe

    WTS Jnats for sale

    Are these still up, and if so do you have any opinions of any of these you have used? That suita and tanba aoto have cought my eye.
  10. JustAnotherJoe

    Lesser known retailers

    Crocker Cutlery has a small selection of US knifemakers with some pretty wild designs.
  11. JustAnotherJoe

    Stone Findings

    Nice looking Coricule on the NA bay: That combo WoA/Tam they have has me tempted. I have been enjoying the Dalmore blue I picked up from them too.
  12. JustAnotherJoe

    King resin bonded diamond.

    I haven't seen these in the usual north american vendor's webstores as well as If you don't mind me asking Where did you manage to find them and how much did they end up costing?
  13. JustAnotherJoe

    Effective "grit size" of natural stones

    Hmm, no hindostans, perfect as I might still be able to snag one for a decent price. Jokes aside. Thanks for the linked article and putting so much time and effort into your chart!
  14. JustAnotherJoe

    Help non-polisher pick a polishing stone

    Just so clarify, are you refering to one of the "king No.800" or one of the "NEO ST-1 800"? I always have a hard time keeping track of which king stones people are refering to... Thanks!
  15. JustAnotherJoe

    #700 stone needed for #1000 Cerax progression?

    This is the first I've ever heard of this stone. Mind me asking what are your thoughts on it? I've used the king 300 quite a bit, which seems to cut a bit finer than 300, is the 400 a similar? Is that guy also a mostly splash a go on the harder side too?
  16. JustAnotherJoe

    Super metal blade edge angles

    Umm, if you don't mind me asking, which country/government agency am I supposed to report you to?
  17. JustAnotherJoe

    What are your favorite silicon carbide stones?

    Thanks for the insight. Your description of those plates sounds just like the sintered alumina plates, and I suppose any differences would only become apperant with side by side testing. Damn curiosity is a hell of a drug! One day I might pick one up for no good reason.
  18. JustAnotherJoe

    What are your favorite silicon carbide stones?

    Did you manage to get an idea of how quickly it dishes? Oh, and on the subject of SiC stones, has any one tried BYXCO's sintered SiC ceramic stone? It's damn expensive for such a small format, but it seem unique in the world of sharpening...
  19. JustAnotherJoe

    Did I ruin my stone??

    To give you a rough idea of the speed it dishes, I have 12+ hours of lapping with 60/90grit SiC clocked on one side and I am only now starting to think about flipping. Also, it dishes in a concave fashion, which maybe isn't that much of an issue when trying to flatten a concave stone?
  20. JustAnotherJoe

    Sharpener for non-sharpener

    Another example of a larger fixed ceramic rod set up. Another option not mentioned yet, a strop. I've set up a family members up with hard leather stops loaded with 3micron diamonds and I've been...