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    Teddy's Timber Giveaway- Konosuke FM

    I'm in (and followed on instagram), thank you for this generous giveaway!
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    Banger stainless budget knives

    Gesshin stainless is a great <$150 budget option that I still enjoy using. Tsunehisa is also great.
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    SOLD Snake sells a great coffee bundle for crazy cheap(Timemore grinder, Chemex, Hario v60 Kasuya, Torch Mountain)

    Great set! Note to buyer, the tetsu kasuya v60 requires a coarser grind than a regular v60 because the fluting doesn't run all the way to the bottom, slowing water flow. Edit: not "requires" but is "designed for" a coarser grind, as commented below!
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    Sujihiki recommendations for a friend.

    Ashi ginga comes to mind as a slicer with nice laser geometry that's also durable enough to stand up to light butchery. Definitely tough enough to not have to worry about it during use. Gesshin ginga will add comfort with its better fit and finish and slightly harder steel resulting in better...
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    SOLD Takada no Hamono Damascus Suiboku K-tip Gyuto 240mm

    End game knife right there, congrats to whoever got it
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    The knife abstinence thread

    This is a great thread idea, but you can take it a step further... instead of just shaming people out of buying new knives, we could shame them into putting their least-used knife on the BST 😈 (seriously though someone convince me out of getting a gesshin ginga 270 gyuto during the next drop)
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    Most used knives - then vs now

    When my collection was small, probably my kobayashi 240mm gyuto, which I (sadly) hardly use now because I discovered my preference for carbon steel. Today, I mainly use a 180mm W2 ashi ginga gyuto for small tasks and my 240mm kagekiyo black damascus gyuto for larger tasks. Using any other knife...
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    Looking for recommendations on soft steel gyuto

    Ashi Hamono's swedish stainless steel is surprisingly tough and chip-resistant while also being thin enough for amazing performance. Ashi Ginga knives come in western handles as well if that's your preference. For reference, mine is white 2 which is technically heat-treated to be a bit harder...
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    Sandpaper polish tips?

    Found this video walking through a similar sandpaper progression to what I'm planning, and it looks helpful for visualizing the motions and effort spent at each grit: He uses a progression of diamond pastes and an unknown "damascus makeover" paste to polish at the end -- any ideas about what...
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    Shirogami Knives

    Not that I know of. I haven't yet found an ashi retailer in HK. Interestingly, he told me it arrived as part of a konosuke shipment, with the ashi logo.
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    Shirogami Knives

    Syoukon hamono and King Tak Hong (hkknifeguy on instagram) are also cool local HK knife shops if anyone's ever in the area.
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    Shirogami Knives

    What a coincidence you asked, I was just there. I've met the owner, he operates out of Hong Kong but runs most of his shop over instagram because he currently works in restaurants as well and doesn't spend much time in the showroom since they don't get much foot traffic in the area. Great guy...
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    Sandpaper polish tips?

    Thanks so much, this is exactly what I was looking for!
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    Sandpaper polish tips?

    About to try using sandpaper to refinish a kagekiyo wide bevel without having to flatten the hollow grind on stones -- looking for tips so I don't mess it up! I'm thinking of doing a 400-800-1000-1500 progression using a cork or eraser, so not up to a true mirror finish, but aiming for a...
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    You can only pick four... What will it be!?

    From my current collection: 1. Ashi ginga 180mm W2 gyuto, for small tasks/light butchery and deboning. Not a true beater, but tougher than it looks, stainless would be better for this role probably. 2. Takeda AS 240mm gyuto, super thin and good for chopping soft things quickly 3. Kagekiyo 240mm...
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    Why should I have a TAKEDA NAS ...pros and cons

    I have two, a 210 NAS gyuto and 240 Classic gyuto. I love them dearly but they have a very defined role in my kitchen workflow and can be quite ingredient-dependent to truly shine. Pros: steel has very impressive edge retention and hardness, and the zero grind allows for a really unique cutting...
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    Knives spotted in the wild: celebrity chef edition

    Alvin rocking a Jiro sujihiki (also a Kurosaki knife at another point): I think I saw on his instagram that he visited Jiro's workshop this past year. Glad to see him falling down the rabbit hole like the rest of us.
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    SOLD 240mm Kagekiyo Damascus Blue1 Gyuto

    Of course as soon as I get one for myself everyone starts selling theirs for better prices lol. Pretty sure the dammys tend to have more beef at the spine than standard kagekiyos -- such a great middle-weight, someone's gonna be really happy. GLWS!
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    SOLD Kagekiyo Blue #1 Dammy 240mm Gyuto

    Dang 1 month sooner and I would have been all over this. GLWS!
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    Comparison of 240mm laser gyutos

    I've a 240 kobayashi and yes, it feels quite confident due to the extra heft. I can't comment on the others but if you got a kobayashi I suspect you wouldn't look back or second guess your choice. I agree that the monosteel ashi may feel more "solid" in its confident feeling but the kobayashi...