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  1. The Forest Ninja

    Best steel for a Nakiri

    I made myself one with 26C3 steel. :cool:
  2. The Forest Ninja

    Show your work! Uchigumori and co...

    I change all the water and rub my large pyrex dish very well to remove the stone/metal particles when I change whetstones.
  3. The Forest Ninja

    Mirror polishing suggestions

    I just got my best mirror fish using a 10K stone from my 1"x2" Tear Drop Slip Stone Set - Naniwa Chosera. I got all 8 small stones from 400 - 10K. What I learned is flat stone, light pressure and lots of swarf removal really helps. Now, I just have to duplicate the results using my JNats. This...
  4. The Forest Ninja

    Favorite Dutch Oven Size?

    I got a Woods™ Cast Iron Over-Safe Camping Dutch Oven, 7L and it's a nice size. Just need to get a tripod so I can use it on a simmering bed of coals this Summer.
  5. The Forest Ninja

    which rice for Onigiri?

    I would go with sticky rice. :cool:
  6. The Forest Ninja

    Stone for thinning

    I use a Naniwa Traditional Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stone, 220 grit, T-901 for thinning. :cool:
  7. The Forest Ninja

    Angle vs Result

    I know it's sharp when a gentle touch draws blood. :rolleyes: 😆
  8. The Forest Ninja

    WTB Aizu

    Aizus leave a nice edge. 😎
  9. The Forest Ninja

    Struggling to thin down some pre-hardened blanks how are you guys doing this? (basic 2x72, no surface grinder attachment).

    Rough grinding to maybe 2mm before hardening (aka. quench) would have been a lot easier. ;) On page 158 of "The Art of the Japanese Sword. The Craft of Swordmaking and its Appreciation" it says:
  10. The Forest Ninja

    Microscopes for edge inspection

    Just filmed a brand new utility blade. :cool:
  11. The Forest Ninja

    Knife Polishing Service

    Knife makers tend to dip the blade in cold water very often to remove the heat generated with belt sanders. Myself, I'll polish with JNats and only use my tiny belt sander when making a knife. The Shirogami #1 knife I'm making now is a personal project without power tools. So far just a...
  12. The Forest Ninja

    #700 stone needed for #1000 Cerax progression?

    I find using an extra whetstone in between does help. :cool: Pro: It reduces the time spent on the next whetstone. Con: You need to spend more money. Cheers
  13. The Forest Ninja

    Where y’all getting fish?

    Just read this: "Because fish are not warm-blooded, E. coli cannot live in the fillets." Still fresh fish is a risk regardless so test small amounts before planning a buffet for the family.
  14. The Forest Ninja

    Shipping to Canada

    Fed Ex is better than UPS I think. It may help to declare a lower value for the item when shipping. ;)
  15. The Forest Ninja

    Should I seal my wooden dai before mounting Jnat?

    I imagine sealing it would make it last longer.
  16. The Forest Ninja

    J-Nat Club

    I got some Narutaki as well. :)
  17. The Forest Ninja

    J-Nat Club

    Still can't find info how to determime Uchigumori Hazuya vs Jizuya. Is there a set HSD line separating the two? I have a Mizukihara Uchigumori Hazuya 53HSD and it's my most expensive whetstone to date. Dry Wet
  18. The Forest Ninja

    I don't have a clue what kind of stone I have here. Can someone identify it?

    I have 2 Lyoto from Ikkyujapanavenue and one looks like the one in the 1st post. The vendor said it's from 800-1000 grit.
  19. The Forest Ninja

    Basic question about jumps in grit

    My personal reason is the more whetstones in a progression the smoother things go. The larger the gap means you end up working more on the last whetstone. This is just me though. You could always try what you want to do for now and get a whetstone in the middle later on to understand better what...
  20. The Forest Ninja

    J-Nat Club

    Why is this one rare?