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  1. dmonterisi

    Show your newest knife buy

    picked up this oversized petty/small suji (~190mm) by marko tsourkan from the bst. its handled lefty but ground 50/50 and the handle is very comfortable even for a righty. great knife so far and complements my marko wh kit.
  2. dmonterisi

    SOLD Kochi, Shi.Han, Kurosaki

    nice knives! is the shihan stainless clad or iron clad?
  3. dmonterisi

    SOLD Tsourkan 190mm petty w/saya

    thanks for the reply. it looks 50/59 from choil but those can sometimes be misleading. yeah i have a couple of his knives and the wh gyuto has one of my fav handles. the reason i was asking about adhesive was to see if i could potentially pop it off and flip it to righty if it was beeswax or...
  4. dmonterisi

    SOLD Tsourkan 190mm petty w/saya

    is the blade ground lefty? or 50/50? do you happen to know what glue marko uses on his handles?
  5. dmonterisi

    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    pretty cool rainbow developing on my dalman cleaver...all from veg, no protein
  6. dmonterisi

    Anyone heard from Cris Anderson?

    i know its old fashioned and will take time, but given that he apparently lives remotely, try dropping a letter in the mail. his mailing address is on his site. PO Box 249 Ewing VA, 24248
  7. dmonterisi

    Is www.japanese-cutlery.com legit

    not sure about that site but i would try posting a WTB ad in the BST. shig yanagis pop up here with some frequency, you can probably shake one loose.
  8. dmonterisi

    SOLD 240 Toyama noborikoi custom handle

    congrats to buyer and seller. gorgeous handle.
  9. dmonterisi

    Show your newest knife buy

    thanks but the knife that arrived with some rust belongs to another member. mine was in same batch and the box arrived damaged as well but this blade did not arrive with any issues.
  10. dmonterisi

    Show your newest knife buy

    First cuts with my new dalman cleaver. i have never used a slicing cleaver before. doesnt take much getting used to but it is definitely different. great cutting feel.
  11. dmonterisi

    Not quite new knife day - Dalman Cleaver

    thanks! sorry yours arrived imperfectly but once you put a couple of meals on it, you wont even notice anymore. enjoy!
  12. dmonterisi

    Not quite new knife day - Dalman Cleaver

    i had a cleaver in this same batch. pretty much same dates into and through chicago customs. was delivered yesterday and left in lockbox. the package was in same massacred shape but luckily the blade came through without a blemish.
  13. dmonterisi

    Show your newest knife buy

    310mm Marko WH suji
  14. dmonterisi

    WTS TF Denka 210mm Tou cou edition

    @:($&@/$:). i wanted this so bad.
  15. dmonterisi

    WTS Comet 52100 229mm x 52mm

    bump. now available for cash purchase. $600 obo shipped CONUS only. thanks
  16. dmonterisi

    WTS Comet 52100 229mm x 52mm

    Hi- I'm looking to see if there is any trade interest for this Comet in monosteel 52100. Blade measures 229mm x 52mm, weight of 196g. blade is 240mm from handle to tip. 2.6mm thickness above the heel tapering down to 1.0mm about 1 cm from the tip. Knife has been lightly used, I believe I am...
  17. dmonterisi

    WTB Halcyon Forge 55mm+ heel

    are you still only looking for san mai/monosteel? i have a 240x59 dammy that we could talk about if you are interested.