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    Uh oh, I made a boo-boo. Scuff from ceramic rod.

    I have the exact same knife (which I enjoy a lot by the way) and I have some scratches on it from sharpening. At first, I was pretty mad but then, as Bahamaroot put it, I kind of forgot about it. How do you like the knife so far?
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    Sharpened with a 6000 grit stone for the first time

    From my experience, it doesn't last that long but it's easy and fast to bring it back. It does last longer on R2 though.
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    mazaki knives

    So, who now has both white and blue Mazakis so that we can get a comparative review. :D
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    It's the firste time I scan this thread. But I must say: "Mmmmmmmmm, Laphroaig!!!!"
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    Toku Atsuraï

    The santoku is indeed sold as an all around knife but I find it less useful than a gyuto. By the way, if you'd like recommandations on your purchase, you can fill out the which knife to buy questionnaire and you should get lots of advice and probably some info on Masakage knives.
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    Toku Atsuraï

    Hi, I've never tried Masakage knives myself but you should find some info using the search function. I had looked at the Masakage Koishi before but decided on the Kurosaki shizuku instead. Why do you want a santoku if I may ask? My first japanese knife was a santoku but after buying my gyutos...
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    mazaki knives

    I'm pretty sure everyone saw this already but KnS has Mazaki Deba in Blue 2 in stock. Maybe we'll eventually see a Blue 2 gyuto (in more than one copy :) )
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    Toku Atsuraï

    My second knife (Kurosaki Shizuky gyuto in R2)I bought from Alambika (not a huge selection but sometimes some interesting knives) because I really wanted to see the knife in person before buying. Then I just ordered online from Japanese Natural Stones because I wanted to try a Mazaki. If you're...
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    FS - Gyuto 240 mm, Mango and Kingwood

    Is it just me or it's crazy thin? (I mean this in a good way. :))
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    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    Raw or cooked? (Just curious)
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    Hello from montreal

    Welcome, from another Montrealer!
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    Toku Atsuraï

    I bought my first knife there. The prices are indeed insanely high. I think he mostly aims for the Outremont crowd who want a fancy, good looking and good cutting knife and don't care about prices (or about who makes the knfe :) ) I have to admit Iwas quite pi**ed when I started learning more...
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    Is a 240mm gyuto appropriate for home use?

    I personally use 240's at home as well in my tiny kitchen. I just enjoy the size of it. Once in a while I'll take out my 165mm santoku (first J-knife) and it feels like a toy.
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    Gyuto Vote

    Personally, I've never had microchips on mine. But I have to agree that food release isn't this knife's greatest strength.
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    Gyuto Advice

    Content de voir un autre membre du Québec, bienvenue!
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    Gyuto Vote

    I'm currently using the R2 Shizuku and really enjoying it. It cuts effortlessly through pretty much everything I throw at it. Even though it doesn't have much distal taper, it's really thin at the tip. Onions horizontal swipes are really easy with it. It could be nice to have a rounded spine but...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Well, the best bagels are found in Montreal anyways so don't worry about it. :D
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    WTS Kurosaki R2 Shizuku 270mm Gyuto

    Really good price for an underrated knife. I have the 240 and love it!
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    2020 bucket list

    My shortlist for 2020: 1. Buy a coarse stone to slightly thin my knives when sharpening as they are sanmai knives 2. Buy a new medium stone (around 1K) that dishes slower than my Jinzo Aoto from JNS even though I love the feel of that stone. 3. Decide if i'm selling the Jinzo Aoto or not. 4...
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    First impressions & comparisons: Morihei Hishiboshi 500, 1000, 4000

    I just want to say thanks for taking the time to do this. It's apprciated.