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  1. ojisan

    TF "Izuhakou" steel?

    I assume it's just marketing. In their web site they state "Izuhakou and Chigusakou are our trademarks". Both of them were steels used for sword making since/around 16 century. Izuha steel was produced in Shimane (Yasuki is also in Shimane) and Chigusa steel was produced in Hyogo. My...
  2. ojisan

    KKF in japanese

    包丁フォーラム There's no translation for the word "forum" so you have to use katakanas instead of kanjis.
  3. ojisan

    Glestain Steel / Gyuto question

    I have a Glestain. Beside the dimples, there's nothing special on the knife (I'd say it's 20:80 or 30:70). In general it's slightly softer than VG10 but the edge retention is still decent. Easy to sharpen.
  4. ojisan

    Balance point for a Deba

    I've never thought about balance points of debas. Feeling like the balance point is not so important for filleting fish.
  5. ojisan

    Hitachi to sell Hitachi Metals?

    This is just a nitpick, but the main business of Hitachi Metals is not construction steels. They are a so called "special steel maker" who doesn't have blast furnaces and their profit sources are steels for cars and other industrial tools, and cables. While the sward steel (tamahagane) making...
  6. ojisan

    Hitachi to sell Hitachi Metals?

    A couple of news media reported yesterday that Hitachi was seeking to sell their share of Hitachi Metals to third parties [1][2]. Hitachi currently hold 53% of Hitachi Metals and both of them are listed on the Tokyo stock market. Although Hitachi stated that "there is nothing has been decided"...
  7. ojisan

    Favorite sujihiki length?

    It's not a general purpose knife, so better to find a reason to buy one first. For cutting sashimi I would choose a 300mm, but for cleaning up meat, my choice would be 240mm or 270mm (but some prefer shorter ones as others already posted).
  8. ojisan

    Say what? Hammered Teflon Coating Kengata Gyuto

    Teflon coated knives are not so rare these days. Mac also has some as well and there are a lot more in the market. I guess Super Stone Barrier knives got popular/hyped in Japan some years ago, and everybody started making coated knives. It seems coating works well on some conditions, like...
  9. ojisan

    Has anyone ever heard of manufacturer Sawaguchi Bussan?

    It appears 澤口物産撰. The last character 撰 means "select(ed)". Usually "bussan" is used for those who work on importing/exporting business, so I guess Sawaguchi Bussan is not the manufacturer of the knife. It could be a knife they imported, or just a novelty item. It seems there was a company with...
  10. ojisan

    220mm Kamagata Usuba- Why so long?

    My understanding is that 210mm is popular and some even prefer 225mm. They use the heel side for katsuramuki, and the tip side for cutting stuff on the board (uchimono). They say longer is better for katsuramuki and some weight is good for uchimono. For delicate work, they often use a yanagi or...
  11. ojisan

    Need a Knife for Pro Kitchen Usage

    Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef 240mm? It should be around $180, yo-handled, and in ABE-L (you'd like it if you like AUS-8). Misono 440 240mm should be also in the same price range. It's very popular and comes with good F&F. If you want to try something different, Glestain 240mm could be another...
  12. ojisan

    Toyonaga hamono - anyone heard of them?

    Yes, they are a small factory (like 3 workers), and working mainly for producing unbranded knives/blanks. My understanding is that there are not so many makers these days who hand-forge Ginsan knives (Yamatsuka-san in Sakai and...no idea), so I'm pretty sure that there a lot of knives made by...
  13. ojisan

    Toyonaga hamono - anyone heard of them?

    They actually don't have any presence even in Japan. There quite few comments about them on the internet (like looking for ginsan knife makers), I guess mainly working for OEMs.
  14. ojisan

    Hello from California

    Welcome from the bay area. Unfortunately, IFAIK, Bernal is the only knife shop around here which carries a decent lineup of Japanese knives. Besides Bernal, Hida Tools in Berkeley, which is a Japanese tool shop, has some Japanese knives and natural stones as well. They have Takamura knives...
  15. ojisan

    Please help me ID this 240 western deba.

    源光金 Minamoto-no-mitsukane It seems it's made in Seki.
  16. ojisan

    Recommendations for decent J chisels and gouges for woodcarving

    If you are in the US, HIDA TOOL might be an option. I once visited there to get some Japanese hand tools and found a lot of chisels and other Japanese tools. I'd recommend contact them for items they have, because apparently not all items are up on their web store. They actually gave me some...
  17. ojisan

    Questions about Miyabun knives.

    Sorry I meant 16000 Japanese Yen, so approximately 635 MYR?
  18. ojisan

    Questions about Miyabun knives.

    Miyabun doesn't have a factory, so this knife is definitely OEM from a maker like Ashi, Misono or... I don't know. The one you attached is 16k JPY in 210mm.
  19. ojisan

    what does Dentokougeishi mean?

    This thread helps? https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/dentoukougeishi-or-traditional-japanese-craftsmen.42442/
  20. ojisan

    Help ID-ing a Deba

    宗行作 Muneyuki-saku It looks a knife made by Hayashi-kogyo in Hyogo (林工業株式会社). The sticker on the handle: 抗菌 (antibacterial) The back paper: - Top: 出刃 (deba) - Right 抗菌包丁 (antibacterial knife) - Left: The handle is made of Hiba (hinoki). The ferrule is made of antimicrobial plastic. The face...