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    Takamura bolsterless chromax?

    Hi all--I've been casting around for a good, modestly priced 180 gyuto/tall petty to try out the length and see if it serves well as a quick/small prep option between my Tanaka 150 petty and 210+ gyutos. The classic, well-loved Takamura R2 red handle has been high on my list along with a few...
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    One-stop thinning stone?

    If you had to recommend one coarse to medium-coarse stone as a do-it-all stone for routine to moderate thinning jobs, what would it be? I'm a mediocre (but improving!) sharpener and I'm starting to get in my head that I have a few knives that could stand to go on a diet behind the edge. My...
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    Recommend me a taller, thinner, flatter gyuto

    LOCATION: US KNIFE TYPE: gyuto Are you right or left handed? Right Handle? Japanese Length? 210mm - 240mm... an oversize 210 seems ideal Stainless? No, but would prefer stainless clad rather than reactive cladding Budget? Hard cap of $250, but strong preference to keep it not much more...
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    New around here

    Hi all--long time lurker/first time poster. Found this place months ago from r/chefknives and have started my journey down the rabbit hole. I've been restraining myself and only have two jknives in my drawer so far but I'm realizing further pickups are inevitable. Anyway, thanks to the community...