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    Kato Alert

    There aren’t any at retailers cos he’s not making any. Neither will he
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    WTS Genkai Masakuni gyuto

    I’ll offer you $12k for it. But only if you can provide a certificate
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    WTB WTB/WTT Kato 270 Gyuto

    That’s a real bummer Khashy. Pity the seller didn’t offer it to you first since your WTB thread has been up here forever. Good luck with the ongoing search!
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    Raquin knives

    Below is your opening statement. Strange it doesn’t make any mention of you wanting to buy one. Rather it’s full of criticism and ignorant remarks: “Sorry if I'm being ignorant here... I'm just super confused why Raquin knives are so popular both on his website and in the BST section. It seems...
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    Raquin knives

    @Briochy You obviously have absolutely no idea what makes a good knife, and what you’re paying for when you buy one. The least important factor is aesthetics. Unless you’re buying your knives to display in your wall cabinet? Raquin’s knives are forged entirely by hand including the profile...
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    Flipper alert

    You’re deluded.
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    Flipper alert

    The only one spouting useless vitriol is yourself it seems. There are many valid points raised here (and I’m talking specifically about this Dalman second). No maker wants his seconds out there circulating for close to full value. Yet many have had the opportunity to use and own one to all...
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    Flipper alert

    This is how it should be. Just pay it forward. It’s the honorable thing to do. And hiding behind “I asked Robin and he said to do with it what I wanted” is no excuse. It’s simple logic and courtesy to understand the dynamics of the transaction As I said a knife won in a raffle or a...
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    Flipper alert

    My 2c: As I understand it Robin out of his generosity offered a knife that he considered flawed (not worth selling) but reasonable to work with as a giveaway. The fact that whoever took possession of this knife (and others) and decided to sell it on is an insult to Robin and his generosity and...
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    Flipper alert

    Good pick-up there. It is indeed the same knife
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    WTS Selling 55mm tall 240mm Ikeda Honyaki

    To the OP: it seems as though the sale price is $1050? Perhaps you should edit your post so it reflects this in your opening blurb?
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    SOLD Shigefusa Kitaeji Yanagiba 300mm

    Gorgeous knife. And very very nicely priced!!! Someone’s gonna score big here!
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    WTS Shibata/West Japan Tools Skillet

    Apologies I see it’s a WTB!
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    Bought Hattori KD

    Depending on whether or not you still have a kidney to sell : the below site has them (at ridiculous prices) https://www.hocho-knife.com/hattori-kd30-cowry-x-121-layered-damascus-san/
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    Maumasi Smith & Bard monosteel collection

    With perhaps a special favour in there too. I really like Mareko‘s stuff but this has made me lose all respect for him. Total ripoff for a bar-stock knife in an inferior steel.
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    Withdrawn Kato 210 Gyuto Workhorse, 150 Petty, Shig 165 Santoku, 150 Petty, Masayuko 165 ku nakiri

    To the OP: I think it’s a reasonable expectation before you list anything for sale that you do your research into market values and then advertise at what you think you want/is market value. Don’t adjust your pricing after you see demand is high. This is unreasonable and disingenuous, and what...
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    WTT Ku Kato 240mm

    What value are you placing on your ku kato for trade/reference purposes?