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  1. pennman

    194mm CPM-M4 Santoku

    194mm CPM-M4 Santoku-ish blade with presentation grade curly Koa, carbon fiber, and G10 scales. Handmade leather saya. Custom order for a chef.
  2. pennman

    Recommendations needed for set of knives

    The son of a friend, a recent culinary school graduate is working in Japan this summer at a restaurant and is asking for recommendations for the types of knives he would need. It’s a hybrid european/Japanese restaurant. He wants to get them here beforehand. What would be good for him to...
  3. pennman

    WTB 240mm right handed single bevel gyuto or kiritsuki

    something inexpensive please. Stainless or carbon. Not previously abused.
  4. pennman

    Help identifying a blade.

    Can someone identify the knife and read the markings?
  5. pennman

    Works in Progress

    Thread for Works in progress. First is a 250mm damasteel gyuto. The blade was etched fresh off the belts before hand finishing. The choil shot is before sharpening. The photo in the bushes is prior to final etching.
  6. pennman

    Anodizing a blade? Anyone try it?

    Has anyone tried anodizing a chef knife? What steel was used? What formulation and procedure? Source of materials? Results? Pictures?
  7. pennman

    Knife stores in NYC

    I will be there next week. I will be going to Korin (again), Bowery Kitchen (again), and Cut Brooklyn (again). Where else is there to go for good cutlery?
  8. pennman

    Who is making kitchen knives from 440c

    Who is making knives from 440c nowadays? I know Benchmade makes them. Any commercial or custom makers still using it routinely with proper hardening? I know there are better high performance small carbide steels out there and I have multiple knives made from them, but I want a good 440c knife.
  9. pennman

    Sharpening a Glestain

    I am having a terrible time keeping an edge on my Glestain 210 and 240. I have no problem keeping great edges on my Tojiro DP, Kikoichi, Missono UX10, or even my Henkels Pro. A progression of 800, 1200, 2000, 4000, 8000 puts a great edge on all them, but the glestain just loses it after 15...