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  1. daveb

    WTB Yoshikane honesuki

    Not a Yoshi but Martell has a nice looking Wat for sale under Stefan's knives.
  2. daveb

    WTS Kono (plural) for sale.

    Both are sold. Thaks for looking.
  3. daveb

    Changing beliefs about knives

    Re: Rivets. Am I the only one that knows that properly done rivets are the correct diameter for a julienne cut? And that the spacing between 2 of the 3 rivets is the proper length for that julienne? I read it on the internet.....
  4. daveb

    Carter's Honest Edge Ranch

    I want to be a helicopter pilot. In 8 days.
  5. daveb

    Changing beliefs about knives

    Or a diamond. Carbon knives are dumb.
  6. daveb

    Carter's Honest Edge Ranch

    I bought a knife (couple actually) before he was a deity. Does he teach cooking skills as well? 8 days can be a long time to mere mortals.
  7. daveb

    Changing beliefs about knives

    You can be both :cool:
  8. daveb

    Cheap Knife - 1st "customer"

    Kewl! Now about that sink....
  9. daveb

    Identify Solingen Knife Mark

    Greetings Rob, That was an unusual introduction but welcome to the forum. Hope someone has an answer for you.
  10. daveb

    What the....

    This is what happens after the cabinet guy cuts out the sink. A cutting board that matches the countertop!!! Perfect for that new set of Dalstrongs.
  11. daveb

    Carrot wedge test

    Die thread die. Whoops
  12. daveb

    SOLD Tilman Leder 270mm Niolox Gyuto

    Someone got a good one.
  13. daveb

    Ignoring JML: A Whole New Forum!!!

    Speaking Chinese. Reading Chinese. Writing Chinese. What do those mean? From my previous career in spook land, I recall there being 5(?) distinct languages spoken, written, in China with innumerable dialects. Don't recall any of them being termed "Chinese".
  14. daveb

    Sous Vide Turkey

    I SV'd whole turkey breasts frequently (3-4x/month) for an assisted living facility. 160F overnight resulted in a cooked, no pink, moist breast. Overnight being that time between closing the kitchen in the evening (7ish) and preparing for the noon meal (1030ish). Out of the bath, season and...
  15. daveb

    Ignoring JML: A Whole New Forum!!!

    I've heard that. But. Have not seen a description of a knife in use, have not seen a pic, have not seen evidence of first hand knowledge about any knife. Proxy buying for Ricky? :coffee: :icecream::coffee:
  16. daveb

    Ignoring JML: A Whole New Forum!!!

    Not as confusing as your questions. Do you really have a knife? Pics or it didn't happen.
  17. daveb

    Which is the best laser?

    This is making my brain hurt. And it seems discussion of lasers has been exhausted. Let's shut it down.
  18. daveb

    Which is the best laser?

    Yo mama said just buy a Lamson.....
  19. daveb

    Which is the best laser?

    Hey now, I liked Chef Niloc - on even numbered days :cool: Don't remember him being shy with his own opinions.......