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  1. rdpx

    Oyster knives...

    Hello all I have not been here in a while... We are off to California on Friday and will be staying near Tomales Bay, so I need an osyter knife. I understand if you buy one at the oyster place they charge you an arm and a leg for it, and I just called a shop here in London to get one...
  2. rdpx

    Christmas present ID ?

    Happy Christmas everyone... Attached please find photographs of a very nice 150mm petty knife that I received yesterday. All I know about this knife is that it was bought from NIYA in Tokyo, and that it is carbon steel. I have a box as well but haven't posted a picture of it. The box has...
  3. rdpx

    KIYA Nihonbashi

    Hello knife people I haven't been on here for a while, but my girlfriend just got back from a weekend in Japan, and gave me a small present from a shop called KIYA [according to the wrapping], which turned out to be a very small and cheap fish descaler. Now I am pretty certain that she has...
  4. rdpx

    symmetrical gyuto

    Some friends were just round and playing with my CarboNext 210 gytuo and they said they wanted one. Problem is he is left- and she right-handed. I pointed out it was a problem. He said it was fine. So - either I just point them to the JCK site and tell them to get a CarboNext, or you...
  5. rdpx

    Camellia Oil

    Is Camellia Oil the best oil for a Magnolia saya, Chopping Boards, Etc? [yes or No]. {I have a Bamboo chopping Board} If no, what is the best oil (please name as many as you like.) ? if Yes, how much should I expect to pay for some ( and how much should I expect to expect to use when I am...
  6. rdpx

    Saya for Misono sujihiki ?

    Hi can anyone recommend an off the shelf saya that would be good [perfect is probably too much to ask] for a 270mm Misono dragon sujihiki? A US source would work for me right now. I have no idea how much these things cost, but I am not looking for anything expensive or handmade. I know...
  7. rdpx


    We had a friend round for dinner this evening and he was politely admiring my new Misono dragon suji. He was thinking that he might like to buy his partner a knife for a present. He is vegetarian, apparently wouldn't like a pointy knife, but loves to cook. I showed him some pics of nakiris on...
  8. rdpx

    Misono advice please

    My Misono Swedish Sujihiki arrived yesterday, in perfect timing for my birthday. Beautifully gift wrapped as ever by Koki. The whole thing from wrapping to box to knife was beautiful, then after picking it up and trying to get a feel for it (I am only used to a 210 gyuto so a 270 suji is...
  9. rdpx

    Misono Sweden 270 Suji

    So with Hiro AS no longer available, I was thinking about a dragon suji, as I have very generously been offered a knife for my birthday next week. Do you all think that this a good idea?
  10. rdpx

    Tojiro DP - grind issue

    For my second Japanese knife I had decided that I wanted a honesuki, and in the end plunged for a Tojiro DP, mainly because I could get this knife from a UK website for cheaper than it was on sale in the USA, which seemed like a rare opportunity. Having read a lot of posts new and old about...
  11. rdpx

    Prices in Japan

    Hi I have a friend going to Japan this week and she says she will be in the kitchen shop area of Tokyo on one day, and she would be very happy to bring me a knife back. This has me wondering how prices are in shops in Japan compared to just say buying direct from Koki. If they are pretty...
  12. rdpx

    High/Low density chopping boards

    This is a really boring question I am afraid. I need to get a chopping board to replace my bamboo one, and I am planning on getting an 18"x12" white plastic one to use until I find an end grain that I like/can afford. I have been confronted with two choices: 1. 0.5" or 1" thick 2. High...
  13. rdpx

    UK Observer "top 50 food picks"

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2013/mar/17/50-top-foodie-picks-observer-food-monthly?INTCMP=SRCH Feeling very smug that we have two reservations for no.1 in May. A few other good tips in here for anyone UK based or UK bound (and the odd one not in UK) Enjoy
  14. rdpx

    Spanish knives

    We are off to Spain for a couple of weeks next month [Sanlucar, Seville, Cadiz area] and I wondered if anyone here knew if it was worth looking about to buy any spanish knives. I found a website which seems to have a very large selection of weird and wonderful knives (the fish ones look...
  15. rdpx

    Tojiro DP?

    I have been idly trying to convince myself that I need a sujihiki knife, and I probably could manage without one, but I also may well end up buying one soon as I seem to have got the bug. So if I do, I can't really justify spending much, and have been looking at the Fujiwara FKM, FKH and...
  16. rdpx

    CarboNext - first sharpening advice.

    After a few days using the new Gyuto, I think it is nearly time to give it a proper edge. Before I do so, I am posting a drawing of what I think I am supposed to be doing with it. The knife is advertised as being 60/40 and it looks like it is something like that, but the angles of the...
  17. rdpx

    JCK Original KAGAYAKI CarboNext 210 Gyuto

    So, just over three days after ordering, my new CarboNext arrived from Seki, Japan, to London, UK. There has been a lot of talk in posts about the OOTB edge, and F&F etc, of this knife, so I will post a few photographs to pass on my first impressions. Main thing is that I really like this...
  18. rdpx

    Does size matter?

    I just found a KING #6000 waterstone for a good price here in London that measures 178mm x 52mm x 15mm. (comes attached to a base) {£20 @ Japann Centre} The closest I can find in price is a #6000 grit at 190mm x 63mm x 19mm for almost twice the price {£35 at Tyzack} The stone I have...
  19. rdpx

    Guess That Price!

    Hi, some of you may have seen my thread about my upcoming J-knife baptism, and may be interested to know I went into a Japanese Knife shop in London today to see if I could have a hands-on with feeling the difference between some 210mm and some 240mm gyutos. Brief trip was a success I...
  20. rdpx

    Dechipping my old Sabatier.... and looking for new knife.

    With thanks to Benuser and particularly Chinacats, who on my first thread the other day told me that before I worried too much about a new knife, I should pour a little bit of love onto my abused but lovely old Sabatier. So here is a BEFORE/AFTER photograph of what I did, which I am sure is a...