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  1. jimbob

    WTS WTS dalman rustbucket

    $500 USD + shipping Wasn’t really looking to sell, but since the other went like a hot cake, it’s got my buzz on to the prospect of trying new knives. Open to trades 240 gyuto. Maybe Toyama, mazaki, hinoura ajikataya, or something else I haven’t tried. I only gave it a once over with bkf but...
  2. jimbob

    WTS FS takashima 2.5

    Howdy. Up for grabs is a nice takashima purchased from Jns a while back. Perfect starter stone, easy to use, fast slurry etc. no single bevels left in my quiver do not really needed(as much as money right now!) $230 USD plus shipping
  3. jimbob


    Hey guys. Am very close to letting my katos go to try new things. Can’t shake my attraction to akebono. I’ve read all I can but was just seeing if there was any more feedback. Being a home cook the ‘workhorse’ aspect of the kato just really isn’t important, and while I have enjoyed its cutting...
  4. jimbob

    WTT heiji ss 150 petty for Toyama 150 petty

    Title says it all. In the everlasting quest of refining my severely diminished hoard, I have found that my 150 petty gets a decent workout on the board. Would think the Toyama fits the bill. Shame, the heiji has the perfect petty steel, sweet burnt chestnut handle, well proportioned wide bevel...
  5. jimbob

    180 Toyama Deba

    Probably only seen half a dozen fish. Some micro micro-chipping which will come out after first sharpening. Think I started on blade road but never completed! A faultless knife as far as I can tell. $225 USD shipped
  6. jimbob

    180 Toyama Mukimono

    Used a couple of times for katsuramuki, a few patina spots as a result. Not sharpened. Asking $255 USD shipped
  7. jimbob

    Mike Davis mini gyuto 125

    Handy wee knife and super comfy. Will be missed! Builds nice patina quick. Flamed maple handle. Make small things smaller. $200 usd shipped
  8. jimbob

    Sakura 240 ktip gyuto

    Beautiful slicing gyuto with nice ringed gidgee and marble horn. Comes with saya and wooden box. Has only seen a 6000 stone a couple of times. $470 usd shipped
  9. jimbob

    Heiji cleaver

    Got me some bills to pay. First up is a 220 Heiji semi stainless cleaver. Excellent condition, sharpened once. $600 usd shipped. More deets and photos on request
  10. jimbob

    Shig 180 deba

    Selling this beautiful deba. I have not used it since buying it, and I believe it originally belonged to von blewitt. It's in a very nice condition. I bought it as a 195 and was hoping for it to be a bit bigger than my 180 Toyama, but it's not. Shame really because it is a sweet bit of steel...
  11. jimbob

    yanagi help

    Well im truly torn at the moment. Cannot decide between a Hide 300 kensaki yanagi (non-gesshin for nz shipping)or a Heinn 300 kaiseki yanagi from James. Any opinions? Or other suggestions in the 500usd range? And certainly pm if you have any good options for sale, cheers!
  12. jimbob

    Ealy Damascus parer

    For sale is a very pretty parer new profile in buckeye and bog oak. A few magblok scratches otherwise in great nick. Hardly used and handle regularly conditioned. $200 usd shipped
  13. jimbob

    Sugimoto #6

    Any lying around?
  14. jimbob

    180 Mukimono

    And while im at it, lets see what comes up here before i venture further. Cheers
  15. jimbob

    180 Deba

    Putting some feelers out. Was too slow for an Itinomonn, and Toyama. Max budget 300 but ideally lower. Cheers.
  16. jimbob

    Suji help please

    So, unsurprisingly the heiji suji that has been for sale at japan tool forever has finally sold after a nice sale price before i could get my hands on it.:knife: Looking for recommendations on a similar style suji. The things that appealed to me was the semistainless steel (i have a heji ss...
  17. jimbob


    Hey just wondering if anyone has experience with the stainless clad r2 polished version from chefs armoury Australia. Almost new knife time and Kurosaki been getting some love on the forums recently.
  18. jimbob

    210 harner nakiri

    Hoping for a quick sale! As new condition, touched up on 6k. I think it's amboyna ferrule and spalted curly mango? Could be wrong. I can guarantee its cutting ability will blow you away as it did me. $550 usd + PayPal shipped to most places.
  19. jimbob

    FS Tanaka 165 Deba

    Has probably only seen a dozen fish, criminal! Blade road has had work and is better than new. Solid budget blue steel deba ready for work. Haven't seen them up for grabs for a while. $135 usd shipped
  20. jimbob

    F S Itinomonn 190 Bunka

    In great condition, seldom used hence the sale. Spent a bit of time flattening the bevels so cuts great. $110 USD shipped