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    Withdrawn Shig 240

    As the title says, I’m interested in a Shig 240 gyuto. Doesn’t need to be new, but in good shape. I know what they’re worth, I’m ok with that.
  2. 5698k

    WTB Kato Petty

    I’m looking for a kato petty. I know, I’ll probably be looking for a while. If anyone has one, doesn’t necessarily need to be bnib, drop me a note please.
  3. 5698k

    SOLD Stainless clad Toyama 240 Gyuto

    BNIB. I just opened the box to take pictures. I bought it for a friend, but he ended up getting his own, and I don’t want two. This is a terrific knife, one of my favorites. I’m asking $475.00 to make me whole.
  4. 5698k

    Withdrawn Jikko Honyaki

    Here is a 240mm Jikko Honyaki made by Shiraki. It’s 241mm heel to tip, 53mm tall at the heel, wt. 11.1oz. There’s no kanji on the blade, it’s on the tang. The handle is mammoth tooth, made by Chef Duy Pham. The knife originally retailed for over $1200, I paid $250 for the handle. I’m asking...
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    Withdrawn Looking for a unicorn

    I’m looking for a Watanabe Honyaki, 240 gyuto. Hey, if you don’t ask..
  6. 5698k

    WTS Konosuke FM 240 B2

    This is a lightly used Konosuke FM 240 B2, with a beautiful custom handle by Chef Duy Pham. $550.00 conus, international we’ll talk.
  7. 5698k

    WTS Konosuke Sujihiki

    This is a 300mm konosuke hd2 sujihiki. I believe it’s been sharpened twice. Asking $350 conus, international we’ll talk.
  8. 5698k

    WTS K tip Bloodroot Petty

    This knife is slightly used, edge cleaned up once. There’s a slight patina, but polishes easily if desired. $325.00 shipped conus, will talk international.
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    SOLD Konosuke MM 240

    This is a brand new, never used blue steel MM 240 with a custom handle and friction fit saya, both by Chef Duy Pham. I’ll take $500 shipped conus, international we’ll talk.
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    Withdrawn WTT

    I have a 240mm wide bevel Fuji B1, custom handle and custom friction fit Saya by chef Duy Pham I’d like to trade for a Kato or preferably a Toyama honyaki Gyuto. I’m kicking the tires on this, I’m not interested in anything else. Pics on request from anyone interested.
  11. 5698k

    TS Prof

    http://www.tsprof.com/en/ I just saw this on YouTube. Has anyone used one? It looks pretty impressive initially.
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    SOLD Konosuke HD2

    This is a very lightly used HD2 with a custom handle, never sharpened. I’d like $325, conus shipping, will discuss international. More pics on request after 12/02/18.
  13. 5698k

    SOLD Masamoto KS

    This is a heavily modified KS. When I bought it, the seller said it had been thinned. I mirror polished it, didn’t like how sticky it became, so I put a scratch pattern on it. I’ve simply learned that the profile isn’t for me. $250.00, conus shipping included, I will ship international for extra.
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    SOLD Several Knives

    I’m clearing out some stuff, now that I had enough posts to post. From top to bottom.. Konosuke mirror petty, $200.00 Bloodroot petty/small santoku, $200.00 Shigeharu usuba, rt hand, single bevel, $100.00 Shigeharu deba, rt hand single bevel, this knife is heavy, $100.00 Shun, small santoku...
  15. 5698k

    Sharpening a Sujihiki

    I just got my first sujihiki, a Konosuke HD2 300mm. It’s a beautiful knife, used, but not as sharp as I would think. Is there a different protocol for sujihikis? Or are they sharpened like any other knife as far as sharpness?
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    I made a simple comment to a recent post, and my comment was removed without any explanation. Is this a normal practice on this forum?
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    I'm Robert from New Orleans. I love to cook, but I'm not as good as I wish I was. I love tools, and knives are the best tools there are for cooking, (duh). I'm interested in educating myself as much as possible on the knife subject, so here I am.