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  1. rick alen

    Cerax better for PM steels?

    Just saw on another post that Cerax stones contain silicon carbide, SC being harder than vanadium carbibes, unlike AO, wonder if any who have the 6K and/or 8K have found they put a better all around edge on the high vanadium carbide PM steels?
  2. rick alen

    Maximet, when will we see knives in this?

    A series of micrographs Larrin showed a while back seemed to indicate that this alloy have finer carbides than the other ultra-high carbide volume steels. Anything delaying its use in knives?
  3. rick alen

    Need a Practice Katana

    I know it's not a kitchen knife, but close enough in relation. The cheapo one I got at the flea market is falling apart. Aside from that the stainless it's made of is fully annealed and bends quite easy,and it's not shaped/weighted properly. So I'd like a sword that has a tempered and...
  4. rick alen

    Inexpensive carbon knives with Wa handle recommendations

    Something in line with the Masahiro VC, but Wa handle.
  5. rick alen

    Obsessed with cheap knives lately

    OK sorry for my current fixation with cheap knives, but I'd just like to know my way around them. A few years ago I bought a 10" Vic Rosewood chefs just to see what it was like. I was impressed that a wood handled 10" chefs delivered to my door for $45 would have a nicely thin edge, but the...
  6. rick alen

    Niniwa Diamond Stone

    Never heard mention of these, anyone have experience of them?
  7. rick alen

    MAC Chef series vs Fujiwara FKM

    Never having used either I was wondering how the 2 compare, seems the Fujiwara gets lots more play around here, and the bolsterless MAC can be had for a bit less.
  8. rick alen

    Any of you sharpeners around Fort Worth TX

    Poster in another forum looking for one.
  9. rick alen

    Diamond concentration from US Products seems rather low

    So finally after 10 weeks I received my diamond slurry order from these guys, in 100 gram bottles of their "heavy" solution, in .5, 1 and 3 micron. But letting them sit for a few days reveals only the slightest sprinkling of blackish diamond on the bottom of otherwise clear liquid. I can't...
  10. rick alen

    Waiting now fully 2 months on order from US Products

    Last I called was 2 weeks ago, they would not give a delivery date. What's up with them? Who else might I go to for diamond slurry?
  11. rick alen

    Fischer Bargoin knives

    Just came upon this French brand and found it interesting in terms of inexpensive knives. These sound like real bargains for quality steels like this yet seem virtually unknown to knife forums. Their Zen line of kitchen knives is from 14C28 steel, and a 10" chefs with Sabatier-like (of...
  12. rick alen

    Anyone who can comment on the Bark River "Super Chef"

    I have heard mixed reviews of their knives in general, just curious about this one as it is CPM-20CV, Crucibles alleged equivalent of M390 steel. Pictures available give no indication of overall grind.
  13. rick alen

    Diamond slurry, want suggested suppliers

    I was just going to buy some from US Products, but thought I'd check for preferred options. Looking primarily for 3, 1 and 0.5 micron, but might also try some lower grits.
  14. rick alen

    Smoked ham product popular in France

    While over there on business last year I kept running into this stuff. Found it in salads, white pizza and other things I can't even remember. Shaved thin and in shreads, and always served warm enough to be dripping fat. I loved it but never found out what it was. Any Ideas?
  15. rick alen

    What 3m diamond film micron size for a 10K+ finish?

    Considering various stone/strop options and would like to try diamond film first. I've heard the 3M aluminum oxide films finish much higher than the grit indicates, thought the same would be true for the diamond. Rick
  16. rick alen

    Cheap Chinese stainless proves pretty tuff to abrade stuff, what is it?

    As reward for sitting through a slicing mandolin demo at the supermarket I was given a little Chinese made parer with the name Forever Sharp on it. I was very surprise to find that as I was fixing the lousy grind on it the steel showed itself to be unusually abrasion resistant. Even a number...
  17. rick alen

    Confused concerning CBN for stropping

    2 questions for the moment: I've heard up till very recently that stropping with CBN causes wires. Now I see those using Ken Swartz product (at least) say cbn is the greatest thing. Is there something new about the way they're making it now, or what? I've also heard CBN works great when...
  18. rick alen

    Tanaka 240 Ironwood suji looks thick at the edge

    This choil shot of a Tanaka 240 Ironwood suji doesn't give the impression that this knife is anything like a laser. Can anyone honestly disabuse me of the apparent appearances here? I am interested in this knife, but this apparent thickness discourages me. Rick
  19. rick alen

    If you're looking for a steak knife to beat all steak knives, this is it

    Geshin Kagero 135mm http://www.japaneseknifeimports.com/kitchen-knives-14/kitchen-knives/gesshin-kagero/gesshin-kagero-135mm-powdered-steel-petty.html After a disasterous Shun experience from my days of complete ignorance I still wanted to throw some cash at something that would be a...
  20. rick alen

    The intentional creation of banding in the forging process

    This is for the forgers out there. I was reading on Ed Fowler's site here: http://www.edfowler.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=61&Itemid=67 In it Ed says that the extensive forging and reduction his blades go thru create "banding," which he indicates is a desirable thing [in...