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  1. KimBronnum

    I just have to share this...

    I´m not sure how I feel about this but I know that i need to share this with you guys. This afternoon we had a break in at our house while we were away to a birthday party. In every room things were tossed and turned. My wife and I were devastated and my 13 year old - the one who still...
  2. KimBronnum

    Review of Masakage Koishi Honesuki

    Masakage Koishi honesuki The knife is stainless clad with AS and kurouchi finish. The handle is an octagonal handle made of cherry wood with pakka wood ferrule. Blade length: 154 mm (tip to heel) Weight: 131 g Blade hight: 38 mm Blade is 5 mm wide just after the handle, 4,5 above the...
  3. KimBronnum


    Hi gyus. I´m new on this forum and just want to say hello. Tons of great posts and pictures to enjoy :) - Kim