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    Sushi grade fish in Denver area?

    If you’re interested in a restaurant, Foraged in the dairy block is excellent. Chef Duy Pham is the raw bar king there.
  2. 5698k

    Withdrawn Shig 240

    As the title says, I’m interested in a Shig 240 gyuto. Doesn’t need to be new, but in good shape. I know what they’re worth, I’m ok with that.
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    Hey from LA!

    Who Dat!
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    Main plate Recipe request - Pulled Pork + BBQ

    I’ve seasoned pork butts with taco seasoning with great results. The main thing is just cook it until 205° internal. Pork is incredibly forgiving, ya just about can’t screw it up.
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    WTB Kato Petty

    Just a tiny edit, I’m specifically looking for a 150mm petty.
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    WTB Kato Petty

  7. 5698k

    WTB Kato Petty

    I want a Kato petty pretty badly, I know they’re valuable. I’m willing to pay 1K.
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    WTB Kato Petty

  9. 5698k

    WTB Kato Petty

    I’m in the US, but I’m willing to talk. PM me please.
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    WTB Kato Petty

    Thanks, I saw that. I’m just looking for a traditional petty.
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    WTB Kato Petty

  12. 5698k

    Hello from Louisiana

    Who Dat!
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    WTB Kato Petty

    I’m looking for a kato petty. I know, I’ll probably be looking for a while. If anyone has one, doesn’t necessarily need to be bnib, drop me a note please.
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    any awesome beef chili cheats or tips?

    Add some beef flavored better than bouillon.
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    What are the differences between these knives? B2 240mm knives

    I believe the knives are similar such that if one was available, either is equally good. If there’s any advantage to Toyama it would be that Toyama is the older knife maker.
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    What are the differences between these knives? B2 240mm knives

    +1 on Toyama/Watanabe. My Toyamas are by far my favorite knives.
  17. 5698k

    SOLD Stainless clad Toyama 240 Gyuto

    It’s right at JNS specs, 245X54 mm, 200gr.