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  1. Seb

    SYDNEY: knives+stones FOR SALE

    Pick-up prices listed: can meet in CBD or eastern suburbs. Pics available on request. Seller lives in Randwick NSW. STONES Naniwa Aoto 'Green Brick' #2k, >5% used -- $45.00 Shapton GlassStone purple (hard) #8k 1% used -- $90 Shapton GlassStone purple #220 5-10% used-- $35...
  2. Seb

    FS: Tojiro Hammered Finish Black 240mm Wa-gyuto

    FS: Tojiro Hammered Finish Black 240mm Wa-gyuto Core steel: SK-5 (high carbon, non-stainless) - very, very easy to sharpen and maintain. Asking Price: In Australia: AU$145.00 Worldwide: US$155.00 PayPal accepted. Like NEW with slight patina, original bevels. Wa-handle...
  3. Seb

    FS: Masahiro Virgin Carbon 175mm Santoku

    FS: Masahiro Virgin Carbon 175mm Santoku Asking Price: In Australia: AU$105.00 Worldwide: US$115.00 *PayPal accepted. Specifications: Solid high carbon steel with hardness at 60-61 HRC. LIGHTLY USED IN SUPERB CONDITION. Bevel: bevel had been thinned and convexed to...
  4. Seb

    Nifty shortcut: de-burr with blue scourer

    I was touching up various knives (in AEB-L, AS and White#2, mainly) with my Jinzo Renge Suita (synthetic Lotus Suita) #6000-grit, which is plenty fast enough to raise a burr even only after a few strokes... ... and I wasn't in the mood to break out the felt or the newspaper so I decided to...
  5. Seb

    Blazen or Bu Rei Zen - thoughts?

    Guess what, I've been bit by the bug again...:jumpy::jumpy::jumpy: Please tell me about your Blazen or Bu Rei Zen (epicureanedge model)? Is it awesome?? How sharp does it get? How well does it hold an edge? Is it worth the extra money and shipping to Australia to get the ee Bu Rei Zen...