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    Didn’t know Ashi still made honyaki knives. Any other knives that have supposedly stopped being made

    I didn’t know Ashi still made honyakis. Are there these knives that some knife makers have supposedly stopped or make very seldom (or possible old stock)? Just saw the gesshin one sell out in about 2 minutes. Congrats to the buyer!
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    WTB Enju half octogonal half oval dual horn handle for 240mm gyuto

    Thought I would take a shot at this. Never see these floating around much but I am looking for the half octogonal half oval Enju handles with horn furrel and end cap (similar to what Hinora uses on this river jump series.) looking for one that will fit a 240mm Gyuto. Pm me if you have any leads...
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    In your opinion which blacksmiths heat treatments stand out to you?

    I know this has probably been posted before and is a very subjective question but I was just wondering in your opinion which blacksmiths have stood out to you for a particular heat treatment of any particular steel? Anything from W1, W2, B1, B2, AS, any of the semi stainless, etc. I am mainly...
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    Anybody have any examples of Heian Okishiba Masakuni knives out in the wild?

    Was just wondering if anybody has any Heian Okishiba Masakuni knives out in the wild. I would love to see some images of his work if anybody has any.
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    Caught Unicorns?

    Wasn’t sure if there was a thread already of people who would like to share the unicorns that they have caught with photos of rare knives. I know Maksim from jns showed on his Instagram of the tamahagane Yanigiba from Kato-san or geoff_nocon’s 240 ashi honyaki gyuto? How long has it taken some...
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    Random question about Kiyoshi Kato, does he still make swords?

    So I have heard that Kiyoshi Kato is a license sword smith but all I see are knives made by him not sure how the sword market is these days. Does anybody have any examples of his swords and does he still make swords or does he only make knives now?
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    What does the Japanese kanji on knives boxes translate to?

    i have seen numerous different Japanese knives boxes and if I remember correctly they all have the same kanji or very similar kanji. Was just wondering what this kanji translated too. I have seen kiri wood knives boxes to the normal paper/cardboard knife boxes with the same/similar kanji. I...
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    Any recommendations for a good pizza stone/steel

    I am looking to start cooking pizza at home and I am looking for any pizza stone/steel reccomendations. And any pros and cons of either or certain stones like ceramic and cracks etc.
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    Are Katos and Shigs just as hard to find in Japan as in the west?

    Are Katos and Shifs just as hard to find in Japan as they are in ge west? Going to Japan in November and was considering hunting for a 240 of either one. Not sure if there are any stores in particular to visit.
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    Rubber vs endgrain cutting board any suggestions?

    So I was originally looking into getting a large endgrain maple board but recently heard about rubber boards like asahi. What would you recommend for an overall all around cutting board. Looking to spend $200-400 range. Any pros and cons between the two besides the sound of chopping on a wood board?
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    Random question about sharpening techniques and how many people swap hands while sharpening

    Hi I am new here to this form. Just started getting into japanese knives, and looking for a simple sharpening kit to start. Thinking about picking up a 1000/6000 combo stone or two separate stones and will start practicing on sharpening my cheap knives first. I was wondering about sharpening...
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    Hi greetings from SoCal!

    Brand new to the site looking to start my knife collection. First experience with using a sharp knife was in a cooking class in Japan. Opened my eyes to what a decently sharp knife could feel like (despite all their knives being stainless/semi stainless). Ended up purchasing my first knife that...