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  1. MAS4T0

    Skillet or Saute to pair with Lyonnaise Skillets?

    I'd appreciate some thoughts on this. I always tend towards Lyonnaise skillets, my current stable is Turk and Demeyere's Pawson. They're great, but you lose a lot of internal space - the 28cm Demeyere has a base diameter of just 22cm (and this is the largest in the range). I'm looking for...
  2. MAS4T0

    Zwilling Kramer Damascus SG2 3.5" Parer

    Zwilling Kramer SG2 3.5" Parer. The knife is like new, it's been used in a home kitchen and has been maintained exclusively on a strop (never sharpened). The knife stands me at around $300 in all (including shipping from the USA and VAT) so I'd ask £135 ($180) shipped within the UK, I'll...
  3. MAS4T0

    What would you take touring?

    Hi KKF, I'm not sure where this should go. I figured that off-topic is best as it doesn't fit well anywhere else. I'm planning to go travelling around North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. It's still a while away, but I'm trying to figure out what would to take as far as knives...
  4. MAS4T0

    Does stone polishing work on Nickel damascus?

    Hi KKF! Has anyone had any success polishing Nickel damascus with natural stones to bring out the contrast (as opposed to etching)? I'd like to stone polish my SG2 ZKramer to get a more muted and less tactile finish, but I'm unsure if doing so would just ruin the etched finish.
  5. MAS4T0

    Copper Conical Braiser/ Curved Sauté Evasée?

    Hi KKF! First I'm going to apologise for all the 'which pan should I buy' threads which I've been starting recently, this one should be the last. I've decided to to go mostly with Demyere Atlantis pans, as the lady doesn't like cleaning rivets. :wink: I have got permission for one copper...
  6. MAS4T0

    What is the notch for on boning knives?

    Hi KKF! I feel as though I should be able to figure this one out myself, but I thought it best to ask those of you with some experience. I've been looking into custom boning knives recently and noticed that quite a few custom makers (and Japanese smiths) make their western boners without...
  7. MAS4T0

    Which Stainless Skillet?

    Hi KKF! I recently posted a thread asking about cast iron/ carbon steel and you guys really came through for me, thanks! I'm now in the market for a top-quality stainless skillet, but I'm not sure which would work best. At present I'm currently looking at the Demeyere Atlantis, All-Clad or...
  8. MAS4T0

    Any experience with new cast iron start ups?

    Hi KKF. I've been looking for some smooth non-enameled cast iron for a while and recently came across some small companies whose products seem to fit the bill. At present I'm looking at FINEX, Element Cookware and Borough Furnace; has anyone used any of these or does anyone have any other...
  9. MAS4T0

    How old are you guys?

    I'm curious of the age demographic on here, so how old are you? I'm 24.
  10. MAS4T0

    Freestanding gas burner?

    Hi KKF! The hob at my new house is induction, and putting in a gas stove isn't really an option. Does anyone have any experience with freestanding gas burners? I'm familiar with camping stoves and I'm aware that there are some gas BBQs with gas hobs included, but I'm not sure of the BTU...
  11. MAS4T0

    Custom Bread Knives?

    Hi KKF! I've been intending to pick up a really nice bread knife. I've learned that Guede will be offering a stainless damascus bread sword (with handmade damascus), but as the price is right up there with a full custom, I'm looking into custom options. Would I be correct in assuming that...
  12. MAS4T0

    Any experience with Kirin Hamono?

    Hi KKF! Has anyone has any experience with this knife or seen it being sold under a different brand name? http://new.uniquejapan.com/r4-damascus-chefs-knife-210mm-8-2in/?com=Kitchen_Knives
  13. MAS4T0

    Vintage Carving Fork Rehab (Potentially)

    Thanks to Chris (knyfeknerd) I'm now in possession of a vintage American carving fork. The fork is the same as this one belonging to JohnnyChance: It is in great condition given it's age, but due to it's construction there is some accumulated grime that I've been unable to remove. The...
  14. MAS4T0

    Ready Made Kramers

    I'm sure a few of you guys will have just received the Kramer newsletter with the new batch of ready made knives. The 8" damascus chef's knife looks like a nice profile and the price is quite reasonable when compared to the cost of straight 52100. Unfortunately you have to win a raffle in...
  15. MAS4T0

    In need of a favour.

    Hi, I'm wanting to purchase a couple of vintage carving forks and a knife (Tojiro DP boner) but in each case the store/ seller is only willing to ship within the US. I feel bad asking as I know that I would be putting someone out, but I would greatly appreciate it if someone based in the...
  16. MAS4T0

    Is the way cooks are portrayed in One Piece accurate?

    I'm not sure if there's any pros here who either watched One Piece as a kid or still watch it now, but I get the feeling that a fair few of the cooks and chefs on here would fit right in at the Baratie restaurant. For some reason when I read posts by a few of the regulars I can't help but...
  17. MAS4T0

    Any experience with Sori Yanagi cast iron cookware?

    I stumbled across Sori Yanagi's range of Japanese made cast iron cookware and I'm tempted to pick up a few pieces. The problem is that I'd have to order then online and I can't find any reviews on them. If anyone has experience with them I'd really appreciate your thoughts on how they compare...
  18. MAS4T0

    Zwilling Kramer 8" 52100 Chef's Knife

    Zwilling Kramer 8" 52100 Chef's Knife, only used in a home kitchen and has never been sharpened. The knife has the characteristic shrunken scales that these are known for and while this is clearly visible, it cannot be felt. There are a few scratches on the brass bolster (it arrived like...
  19. MAS4T0

    JCK Honba-Duke Sharpening Service?

    I would appreciate some advice on the sharpening service offered by JCK. I've recently received confirmation that a custom order knife is ready to be delivered, and Koki has offered the wetstone sharpening service free of charge. I would greatly appreciate to hear some experiences of the...
  20. MAS4T0

    Shigefusa Handle

    I've replaced the handle of a Shigefusa petty, so the stock handle is now no longer needed by me. The handle is burnt chestnut wood (I believe), d-shaped and with a black horn ferule. The handle was burnt on before, so popped right off with no damage. The tang on shigefusa knives is quite...