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  1. Chasingsharpness

    Best adhesive for glueing stones?

    What adhesives are generally recommended when glueing stones together? I am considering glueing a shapton rockstar to a glass backing, or potentially even glueing two shapton rockstar stones back to back to create a combo stone and provide some support for each other after some wear. Any...
  2. Chasingsharpness

    Show Your Newest Sharpening Gear

    Yeah it's possible it could have been the initial top layer of the stone, it was a brand new stone to be fair. I had given it a quick lap with an Atoma 140 but perhaps should have gone a bit further. Might take it to the SiC plate and give it another go to confirm after some more material...
  3. Chasingsharpness

    Show Your Newest Sharpening Gear

    Yeah sure, I've experimented with this one against a few other stones the last few days. They are supposed to be the same formulation as the Glass stones according to shapton. I don't have a glass 500 to compare side by side but based on early reports from others I believe this is probably...
  4. Chasingsharpness

    Show Your Newest Sharpening Gear

    Another classic to play around with this week. Will be comparing it against the Naniwa pro 400 and Shapton pro 1k.
  5. Chasingsharpness

    That d*mn courier thread.

    Ordered a Shapton Rockstar from Amazon US to UK. Zero padding in the box. Courier threw it over a 6ft fence onto stone slabs in the back garden. Stone somehow miraculously survived. A testament to the durability of the rockstar stones. Amazon JP order earlier this week wasn't much better. No...
  6. Chasingsharpness

    All Rectangle March?

    Business as usual then 🔥
  7. Chasingsharpness

    Show Your Newest Sharpening Gear

    A few classics to test this week, Shapton pro 1k and 2k , and Naniwa Arata (15mm version of chosera/pro) 400 and 800. Also 400 Atoma with handle.
  8. Chasingsharpness

    Stone for thinning

    Norton crystolon coarse (120). Can also rec6the debado 200. The 220 "pink brick" also comes well regarded, I look forward to trying it out in the future.