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    Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #1 240mm WRECKED

    could you get any other types of knives out of what's remaining?
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    Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #1 240mm WRECKED

    and this is why I gave a global to my friend's wife. She's never had a decent knife. She had a 'pioneer woman' Walmart special. The global was the nicest thing I could give her that I was pretty certain wouldn't be ruined easily.
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    Mazaki Blue 2 worth $200?

    If you didn't buy the Mazaki, you chose wrong 😁
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    SOLD Like New! Custom Bullnose Mazaki Hon Sanmai KU Blue #1 240mm

    I know you sold already but I Love my Mazaki. I don't think they get the recognition due.
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    WTS Reprice $525 *Meglio* Custom 10" Western Magnacut w/DLC

    You aren't insulting. I'm happy to answer any questions. The geometry is the same. Hardware: Titanium Blade Length: 10” Overall Length: 15.25” Spine Thickness: .110” Bevel Angle: Inside of 20 degrees You are wondering why there is a price difference, correct? This is what you should be...
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    WTS Reprice $525 *Meglio* Custom 10" Western Magnacut w/DLC

    -Meglio Western -Magnacut (it will outlive your great, great, great Grandchildren if you are so lucky) The toughness and edge retention is absolutely extreme. If you don't know about Magnacut, do your research. It's an amazing alloy. -Beautiful Custom Handle. Pictures do not do it justice. If...
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    Dublin Restaurants

    What would you recommend for more traditional Irish fare?
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    What is your Job?

    have you ever looked at your own genome?
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    KKF counts to a million

    2056 Aw darn, lol I was hoping I was wrong and you had some gravy I'd never heard of. Yeah Red eye is very old school. That reminds me of my grandpa and Folgers coffee and putting a piece of white bread into a glass of cold buttermilk.
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    What do you have on your wrist?

    I love the idea of watches and jewelery but never could stand to wear them. Even my wedding ring, I don't wear. I can't be alone in that.
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    Smaller End Grain Cutting Board

    How do you keep the food smell off the board? Would you say wood is better for that?
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    KKF counts to a million

    2054 Red 'rye? Do you mean red eye? Years ago I worked at cracker barrel, back of the house and they had red eye gravy. Not a fan. The normal gravy they had is probably my favorite. But I don't have a clue how to copycat it. No bacon gravy? I sorta eyeball. I guess the easiest is 1 1 and 1 1...
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    What is your Job?

    Residential Advisor =baby sitting, listening and helping young adults get a trade and make it on their own.
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    KKF counts to a million

    2052 a lot of words 😴.... then HOMEMADE BISCUITS AND GRAVY!!🤤 How do you make your gravy?