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  1. inferno

    lets talk suehiro 3k, hyper 2k, bester 2k and a few more.

    So i was thinking about trying out some new "2-4k-ish" stones. i feel these are the sweetspot for common stainless. and a good mid point for high grit stones. the following are on my radar: suehiro "classic" 3k, maybe its called ouka rika 5k cerax 3k sigma select 2 3k king hyper 2k bester 2k...
  2. inferno

    testing abrasion rate (testing stone speed)

    i wanted to see how much steel my some of my stones remove, so i tested that. test subject was a stainless clad aus-8 deba that i had done some destructive tests with. i did 300 "cycles" on each stone and then simply weighed the blade inbetween. 1 cycle = 1 forward and 1 backward stroke. the...
  3. inferno

    juuma stones?

    anyone tried these? are these soakers or splash and go? quality?
  4. inferno

    good glass stove cleaner?

    when i was living in norway i found a very good glass stovetop cleaner. but now i'm not in norway anymore... so i want to know what you guys have used that has actually worked. and since brand names are different in europe and the US it might be the best to list the ingredients too i suppose.
  5. inferno

    carbon damascus care?

    i just wonder how you guys take care of your carbon damascus blades. I see many really nice damascus blades in the new knives thread but i wonder what it takes to keep them looking good. are these just drawer queens or actual users for you? do you re-etch them?
  6. inferno

    looking for a "wide bevel" thick german knife.

    So i need some kind cheap of wide bevel knife for some stone tests. i remember a few years ago, many german blades were wide bevels, but now i can only find flat ground stuff. so does anyone know of any cheap wide bevel knife. Stainless. And preferably thick.
  7. inferno

    working acids for etching/rust removal?

    I just found rust spots on one of my kurosaki knives. its black but stainless clad. and now i wonder whats a good method of removing it without removing the black oxidized coating in the process. i have read that acetic acid/vinegar will work. or maybe work. what about citric acid and oxalic...
  8. inferno

    bada bing bada boom, beirut

    i dont know if you guys heard, but there was a 2,2kt explosion in beirut. apparently 2700tons of fertilizer blew up. god damn! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Beirut_explosions
  9. inferno

    your take on natural drugs: weed, shrooms, ayahuasca, cactcii and so on.

    talking about stuff you cut down, dry and eat or smoke mainly. but also synthetic psychedelics. what is your opinion about these types of drugs? i feel they should be legal, buy maybe sold at a pharmacy or similar. i first did mdma back in 1995 or so. and it was the best day of my entire life...
  10. inferno

    eating a whole habanero??

    a few years ago i ate a sliver or maybe even a half small orange habanero, that was shaped like a brain kinda. ~3cm big. i remember that my face and body was burning up and there was nothing could do to stop it. i had to lay down on the sofa for maybe half an hour. sweating like a pig. and the...
  11. inferno

    Gluing these new plastic materials??

    if you look at any knife supply site you will notice there is a s1it ton of new (last few years) plastic materials. like kirinite, juma, inlace, elforyn, micagrip, etc etc etc there are maybe 20-30 of these. i know g10 and micarta glues well. i'm a bit skeptical with corian. i know when i worked...
  12. inferno

    grinding horizontal or vertical?

    so i just wanted to know how you guys grind. I have a small floor sander grinder at home that i use in the horizontal orientation with upper side of belt going away from me, and i find this quite good. its almost like grinding on stones. and i have lots of experience on stones so i guess my...
  13. inferno

    i bought a bosch sander...

    that i'm trying out as we speak. text between the pics! basically i wanted to find a solution to grinding knives inside at my kitchen counter. it a "flat sander" that takes velcro pads and also longer paper without velcro. it has adjustable speed. and a buolt in vacuum cleaner, that seems to...
  14. inferno

    did the functions 4 bold/cursive/everything go away??

    well i just posted a message. and usually you can choose to make some text bold/cursive/undelined/ etc etc etc. but now i dont find any of those functions. i actually dont find any FUNCTIONS at all (i would have bolded this if i could instead of typing caps) except writing text. not even when i...
  15. inferno

    power amp on a budget?

    so my trusty behringer ep1500 died a few days ago. it was a straight up copy of a qsc amp down to the board. i think it delivered 2x200 or so W at 8 ohms. i used it bridged for a peerless xls 10 incher 2 ohm (prototype) for about 2-3 years with the fan unhooked :) and after maybe 30 minutes it...
  16. inferno

    i singlehandedly un****ed my mouse.

    my computer mouse started acting weird after about 2-3 years, its started doing fast "double clicks" or not responding at all. and the fast double clicks usually ended up it deleting all my text i was writing. so i opened that sucker up with screwdriver, and there were 2 tiny switches where the...
  17. inferno

    if you were allowed to only have 1 stone...

    imagine this: you wake up one day and see the sink is full of mud. during the night the evil stone fairy was there and ground up all your stones on an atoma. and from now on you are only allowed to have 1 singe stone. otherwise the stone fairy comes back (and grinds away all your knives this...
  18. inferno


    Are these better? for those that have them, have you noticed any difference? why not temper the whole blade lower and get the same hardness throughout the blade? "monoyaki" I'm fairly certain blades wont break in half just because you harden the whole blade to honyaki hardness. lets discuss...
  19. inferno

    when the abrasive can't cut the carbides.

    found a new article on https://scienceofsharp.com/2019/11/03/carbides-in-maxamet/ i found it quite interesting. this is a pic of high carbide blade ground on diamonds. and stropped on 1micron diamond paste. deburred/stropped on glass 8k. and then all those carbides show themselves same edge...
  20. inferno

    about edge retetion testing

    i have done some edge retention testing on cardboard and i can safely say it sucks ass. so i had this r2 blade at hand. and i figured it would be totally dead at about 2 cardboard boxes. i have tried an r2 blade before and it was dead after 0,5+0,5 boxes, really dull. then i tried this out...