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  1. Ochazuke

    WTB Mukoita I - Fish

    Thanks for the digging! After you add it to the cart it displays that it’s currently back ordered though.
  2. Ochazuke

    WTB Mukoita I - Fish

    Thanks for the tip! I should specify that since I’m teaching mostly Americans that the English version is preferable.
  3. Ochazuke

    WTB Mukoita I - Fish

    Hi all, I’m in the position of teaching a bunch of people new to fish butchering. I remember flipping through a copy of this once and thinking it was a good resource, but now I can’t find anywhere that sells it anymore. If anybody has a copy they’re willing to part with, please let me know!
  4. Ochazuke

    Are there any major "off-label" uses of deba knives?

    It seems like this convo wrapped up already, but regular users tend to use their single bevels for more than their intended purposes all the time. The only caveat there is that it's done because it's what's at hand and not necessarily what's best for the job. I've done katsuramuki with a deba...
  5. Ochazuke

    Japanese Market Kitchen Help Needed - Boston Brookline

    Hi all! Crazy times recently, huh? Anybody looking to get some use out of your deba? We’re looking for a fish butcher. Will train the right person. You’d finally have a reason to own some single bevels (though we have store ones that you’d be welcome to use). PM me for details!
  6. Ochazuke

    Experience with Kintaro Knives by Yoshimi Kato?

    FYI- mine is also from JKI
  7. Ochazuke

    Experience with Kintaro Knives by Yoshimi Kato?

    I’ve been abusing mine for 5-ish years now in the workplace. I have other knives I like, but I keep coming back to my kintaro. It just functions well for most tasks I do.
  8. Ochazuke

    Nibs & Knives ; Do you love fountain pens too ?

    Yes! I love my Pilot e95s
  9. Ochazuke

    Corona Cooks

    Also Boston here - we’ve switched to grocery only and absorbing employees who were previously employed with us as baristas or chefs. We’re determined not to close until we’re absolutely forced to. Many of our part-time employees have lost their other jobs and we’re struggling to be able to...
  10. Ochazuke

    Some recommendations.... yeah, I know.

    There’s a new Suisin 300 grit diamond stone that’s largely unavailable in the US. For me it’s the best ara toishi I’ve seen and is literally game changing. But it sells for something like $300 so you need to be doing some heavy volume sharpening to make it worthwhile in my opinion. Last time I...
  11. Ochazuke

    Is a 240mm gyuto appropriate for home use?

    I’ll be honest, at home I use a 180mm gyuto or petty more than anything. I’m also cooking for 1 so take that with a grain of salt.
  12. Ochazuke

    Japanese Market Kitchen Help Needed - Boston Brookline

    That's a good idea! I might start poking around. I only worry that it'll look like we're trying to poach employees. We definitely want to have good relations with the other businesses around.
  13. Ochazuke

    Japanese Market Kitchen Help Needed - Boston Brookline

    Daily bump - I'd love to get a KKF member! It looks like we might also be teaming up to bring some of Korin's products to Boston (still pending).
  14. Ochazuke

    Recipe sub-forum?

    I like the train of thought of kind of grouping by courses. No matter what we choose there are going to be some cuisines or dishes that won’t fit neatly in to our categories. But for example: instead of calling two categories appetizer and entree, it makes mores sense to me to call them large...
  15. Ochazuke

    Japanese Market Kitchen Help Needed - Boston Brookline

    Hi all, So I'm helping to open a Japanese market opening up in the Brookline suburb of Boston. We'll be selling fresh Japanese breads/pastries, imported top of the line beef, fresh fish, and all the other standard Japanese market fare. In addition, we'll be doing daily bento, MTO sushi, ramen...
  16. Ochazuke

    Another view on sharpening.

    I guess I’ll be the lone voice of dissent here. I grew up around that style of technique. My childhood with my American half of my family was dressing catfish in the South and running knives just like those on Arkansas stones. I started doing Japanese knives and sharpening with my Japanese half...
  17. Ochazuke

    Can't get shaving sharp. Where am I going wrong?

    As an extra thought to Lemeneid’s post: I appreciate that your trying to learn good technique. But kinda like with musical instruments, it’s hard to work on the fundamentals if your tools aren’t so great. You can do it, it’s just that much harder though. It’s easier to learn good technique...
  18. Ochazuke

    Fillet knife vs deba

    You ever used a fillet knife to go through a fish head? It’s cuz westerners don’t eat all the fish.
  19. Ochazuke

    Shigefusa Santoku re-profile to Funayuki?

    And if the knife doesn’t work for the chef, maybe find a different knife? I think that you should be patient with selling. It’ll go eventually. I’ve done home projects on crappy knives before too, but this feels like a waste of a good knife to me...