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  1. abangabo

    Show your newest knife buy

    Went on a bit of a shopping spree 1. Nigara Hamono 300mm Aogami #2 honyaki 2. Sakai Takayuki Rinka 3. Sakai Takayuki 270mm Ginryu Kengata Yanagi Only gonna be using the Ginryu. The others will be put on display in my restaurant. The Nigara is an especially sharp filthy filthy beast.
  2. abangabo

    Bought Honyaki blade from here but tip is bent. Advice?

    Yeh, I'm willing to work it out in private with the seller. I'm not going to disclose the user until a fair discussion had been had. I've even made sure the blade can't be discerned from the attached photos I doubt it was bent enroute since it came in a saya. Plus I think the blade would sooner...
  3. abangabo

    Bought Honyaki blade from here but tip is bent. Advice?

    Hi guys, Bought a honyaki blade from a member here but when I received it, I realised that the tip is bent/warped. The seller did not state that this was the case in the description and I'm aware that warped blade aren't an uncommon occurance in honyaki blades and also that it's not easy to...
  4. abangabo

    Genuine Shiraki Kenichi Fuji Moon??

    Hi guys, unfortunately I can't save the photos from the app but was wondering if you guys can give me an opinion on whether this is a genuine Shiraki? And possibly give me a roughly estimate of the value if its genuine? Cheers!
  5. abangabo

    G'day from S.Korea

    Hey guys! Just a beginner enthusiast from Korea. Here to learn and upgrade my knowledge base and perhaps buy a couple of knives hehe. Cheers