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    Waxing blades

    I just decided to wax a customer's machete which they had let rust in the past. I poured boiling water over it then rubbed it with a puck of beeswax. The result was a thin, even and squeaky wax film. Has anyone used this to reduce reactivity on kitchen knives? I'm not sure how long it would...
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    Japanese knife maker ID please + check out this chip!

    Today a customer brought me their knife for sharpening. They told me they had been using it with the chip for years, and asked me what I could do about it :O Anyway after discussing it they are replacing the knife with a Fujiwara FKM (any opinions?). Is anyone familiar with this knife maker...
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    Metal pin streaking

    How do you guys prevent black streaks coming off metal (brass) handle pins on light colored wood? I use a belt sander for rough shaping, but during hand sanding, with finer grits, metal removed from the pins always ends up getting pushed into the grain by the sandpaper, leaving dark marks. It...
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    So I left my B grade strop in a damp plastic box for a week....

    And this is the result Aged to perfection with a nice even layer of mould :( Always remember to store you strop in a dry place!
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    Konosuke suji ura?

    As you can see from the pics my 300mm white #2 suji has an unevenly ground ura-like hollow that runs along most of the left side of the blade. The section near the handle where the hollow tapers away is a shallow convex like you would expect. When I found the hollow it gave my quite a surprise...
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    Stone Advice

    Basically I am getting to the point where my XXC coarse DMT is worn to the point where it's no longer time effective to use. I sharpen my own knife (time isn't such an issue here) but I also sharpen for some chefs and at a farmers market, which gets me a little pocket money :cool2:, but these...
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    Hi, I have been lurking for months (or is it years now?) since the 'other' forum slowed down. I hadn't made an account here until now, mostly because I was just learning from the posts and was satisfied with that. Thanks everyone (especially Dave) for keeping this place running smoothly.