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  1. glestain

    Shipping kitchen tool from US to AU?

    First time shipping. What is the prefer method? Any suggestions is welcome.
  2. glestain

    Munitoshi introduction?

    Maxim, do you have any review for this? Tell us more about it.
  3. glestain

    Want to buy: Kato workhorse gyuto 210mm

    Looking for one, if possible new condition.
  4. glestain

    Masamoto and Konosuke Honyaki Gyuto

    Anybody have experience with these two honyaki wa gyuto?
  5. glestain

    Hamon on Honyaki-material

    I saw some honyaki hamon is "obvious /clear", but some don't. Is this because of the type of material or else? May because of heat treatment? So far I don't see any honyaki made from other material besides blue and white, is this because of tradition?
  6. glestain

    Single bevel sharpness test

    Is it the same as double bevel?
  7. glestain


    Is this finish required to use chemical to bring out the look? Does Shigefusa use chemical?
  8. glestain

    Shigegusa still using natural stone?

    I look at the 2014 video, is Shig still using natural stone?
  9. glestain

    Inspection of new knife

    Can't find related thread. Any criteria to inspect a new reveive knife? And how you check?
  10. glestain

    Apply "lotion" to wa-handle?

    Is it true that you need to apply "lotion" to original wa-handle, to prevent it from crack? If yes, what to use?
  11. glestain

    Kitchen knife fora?

    Another forum?