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    WTS Konosuke Fujiyama 270mm White #1 Sujihiki

    Offering up for sale my 270mm white#1 Fujiyama sujihiki. Purchased in 2013 from Tosho, it has been used a handful of times, and only lightly stropped. It comes with a Konosuke saya, and a white horn ferrule on a ho handle. Very thin, but not whippy, and beautifully finished. I’m out of town...
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    Kiyoshi Kato 240mm Workhorse gyuto

    It really hurts to do this, but here goes... Up for sale is a 240mm Kato Workhorse gyuto. I bought it from Maxim in 2013 and have used it sparingly since. It comes with a friction-fit Japanese cedar saya carved by Maxim. Currently it's sporting a working kasumi finish from thinning it a bit...
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    Massive Japanese natural stone

    Never thought I'd sell this one, and don't really want to, but I have to replace some stolen tools, so here goes nothing. Up for sale is one enormous Japanese natural stone. Set into a box carved from two solid pieces of what I believe to be mulberry, the stone is lacquered on its sides. The...
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    Chosera 1000, Chosera 3000

    Well, last week I had the unfortunate experience of having my car broken into and a number of tools stolen. Not fun, wouldn't recommend it. Amongst the stuff taken were my Chosera 1000 and 3000, so I need to replace those. I'm preferably looking for ones with bases. Don't really mind how much...
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    Echizen uchihamono video

    Just saw this documentary about Takefu Knife Village: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjLhZ26zrwU Nice to put faces to some of the names we hear about.
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    Shigefusa 150mm kurouchi single-bevel petty

    Up for sale is a Shigefusa 150mm kurouchi single-bevel petty. I purchased it used, and according to So Yamashita, it's quite old. No idea how old, but it has Shigefusa's old style handle, according to So. It has some pretty interesting texture to the kurouchi that I've not seen on another...
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    Naniwa Aramusha 220

    Anyone have any experience with this stone? I need a new extra-coarse stone, and this is one I haven't heard much about. I'm looking for something that cuts fast, stays relatively flat, and is easy to follow up. Knifewear suggests that the Naniwa cuts faster and dishes slower than the Imanishi...
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    Gesshin Ittetsu 240mm wa-gyuto w/ HattoriChop snakewood handle

    This one's back up for sale. It's a Gesshin Ittetsu 240mm wa-gyuto in white #2, wearing a stabilized snakewood and horn handle by Karl McKinlay (aka HattoriChop). Karl has recently rejoined us here and started selling his handles again, after a stint of working with Tosho. Here's a chance to get...
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    Takashima Awasedo

    Here I've got a large Takashima Awasedo, bought originally from Jon at Japanese Knife Imports. This stone needs no introduction, but here goes anyway. As a knife finisher, this is hard to beat. Nice and soft, the edge it provides is refined but aggressive, and its finish is smooth and hazy. I've...
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    Gesshin Ittetsu 240mm wa-gyuto w/ Karl McKinlay handle

    This one hurts to let go of. Up for sale is a Gesshin Ittetsu 240mm white #2 wa-gyuto, wearing a horn and stabilized snakewood handle made by Karl McKinlay (aka Hattorichop). I'm not sure if Karl is still making handles, but this is a very elegant example of his work. The blade measures ~236mm...
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    FS: Edge Pro Apex Kit

    Kit includes 220 medium and 400 fine stone and ceramic rod. Medium stone still has 2.5mm left, fine is 1mm. Base and arm are in good condition, base could use new tape. Missing guide clip and squirt bottle (will include a new, larger squirt bottle). $120 shipped in Canada, $130 to the US.
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    FS: Konosuke 270mm White #2 wa-gyuto

    Well thinned, 0.75mm at 1cm behind the edge at the heel, 171 grams. Profile slightly flattened. Face semi-polished to remove thinning scratches. Handle sanded and treated with board wax. Currently needs an edge put on it, I'll sharpen it before shipping if wanted. $170 shipped in Canada, $185 to US.
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    Bent blade - maybe?

    So I'm a little worried my KS gyuto might be warped. When I place it right side down and press the heel flush with the surface, the tip is elevated by 1-2mm, starting right about where the blade curves up to the tip. Sighting down the blade, though, I can't see a bend, and placed left side down...
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    Konosuke Fujiyama gyuto - clad?

    Are Konosuke's Fujiyama series gyutos clad? They look like they are, but someone wrote at some point that they are mono steel, which doesn't seem right. Can someone with experience with one speak a bit about how they perform? I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has experience with both a...
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    Lacquering natural stones

    I've got a few natural stones that need lacquering, an aoto in particular. I know natural lacquers like cashew are used in Japan, but I don't have anything of the sort. I do have a water based Varathane; does anyone think there would be any problem using that instead? I don't want to order a...
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    Hello everyone

    Hi there, I've been a longtime member of the other forums, mostly lurking, but I hope to be more active here. It's good to see all the familiar names, and nice to see some new ones too. I'm looking forward to being part of a great forum.