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  1. StephenYu

    Carter Muteki, Yoshimune, Shi.han, Prendergast, Ealy

    Looking to move some knives that I don't really use. I am the first owner of these knives, all of them are in excellent condition. If you need extra pictures or dimensions, just shoot me a PM :). 1. Carter Muteki 225mm Gyuto, height at heel is 55mm. Stainless 410 with white core. This is a...
  2. StephenYu

    Three Gyutos - Marko, Toyama, Masashi

    Hi guys I am going to move soon so I am letting these go. I am the first owner of all the knives and they are in excellent condition. PM me for more pics or dimensions if interested. International buyer pays for shipping. First is a Marko Tsourkan AEB-L 225mm Gyuto (symmetric convex grind)...
  3. StephenYu

    Wide-bevel : looks or performance?

    Hi guys, I am interested in trying a wide-bevel gyuto but I don't really know how is it different from normal convex grind. What are the usual characteristics of a wide-bevel knife? Do they cut better or not? Usually tougher and more hefty? Did research but didn't find much information on that...
  4. StephenYu

    Carter Gyuto 230mm, Masashi Gyuto 240mm, ZKramer Chef Knife 6"

    1. Carter 7.59 sun International Pro Series Gyuto, Blue Steel Gokunan-tetsu(Kuro-uchi) Handle is Black Canvas Micarta and Ironwood with Black Canvas Micarta Bolster Length Heel to Tip: 231mm Height at Heel: 54mm Spine thickness at Heel: 3mm Spine thickness at tip: 1mm Weight: 217...
  5. StephenYu

    Tanaka R2/SG2 210mm Gyuto

    Hi guys, got this from Chubo a few months ago, feeling a little short for me so I am letting it go. Excellent knife and cuts really well, only used a handful of times at home. Touched up on a 6k stone once. The handle is walnut with buffalo horn ferrule. Comes with original wooden box. Paid...
  6. StephenYu

    Kurosaki AS 210mm, Masakage Shimo 210mm, a set of Global

    I haven't been using them much and all knives are in good condition, 1. Kurosaki AS 210mm Gyuto -Sharpened once -Used lightly in a home environment, near new condition -Comes with original box -$180 shipped in US via PayPal 2. Masakage Shimo 210mm Gyuto -This one...
  7. StephenYu

    Need help choosing a 210 stainless/semi-stainless gyuto

    Hi guys, I need help on choosing a 210 stainless/semi-stainless gyuto. Thanks for the help! LOCATION What country are you in? US KNIFE TYPE What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chef’s knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)? Gyuto...
  8. StephenYu

    Sharpening with ZKramer SG2?

    Hi guys, I went to SLT tdy to try the ZKramer SG2 8 inches chef knife. When I ask about the ease of sharpening of the blade, I was told that due to the 101 layers structure, each layer is so thin that the blade will be easy to sharpen unlike most SG2s...just want to know if that is true...
  9. StephenYu

    Space Tech Knife?

    First of all, I have no affiliation with this project, I was just surfing on Kickstarter and find this may be something worth discussing here... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/45956812/knasa-chef-knife-inspired-by-nasa-patented-technol?ref=nav_search MAIN FOCUS HERE: 1. 70+ HRC - I...
  10. StephenYu

    Thoughts on Takeshi Saji R2?

    Hi all, has been lurking for 3 months and this is my first post. Takeshi Saji I believe is a master blacksmith known for his outdoor knives (plz correct me if I am wrong), but I am not sure about his kitchen knives. I personally find his R2 gyutos attractive, but at the price point of $400...