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    Japanese cleavers — why the belly?

    After getting my Sugimoto 4030 cleaver I realized how much upsweep the knife has on both the heel and the tip. In fact, there’s less of a sweet/flat spot on it than my Takamura Hana, which has a more aggressive sweep than some other gyutos. I’ve always used my previous cleaver (CCK) for push...
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    Chinese cleaver fatigue

    Nope, I’m not tired of Chinese cleavers, but they sure are tiring me! I’ve always loved my small CCK slicer (KF1303). It would be my daily driver if it weren’t carbon — I’m a home cook who wants low maintenance. And I wanted better stainless steel than the CCK stainless. I now have a...
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    Does my gyuto need thinning?

    Well, I’ve just started sharpening my Takamura Migaki on some Shaptons and am happy with my rookie results so far. I’d say it’s been sharpened six times between me and pro sharpeners. However, it occurred to me that when I looked at the choil that perhaps the shoulders looked a little thick and...
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    CCK Large Cleaver (KF1103) 223mm

    Here is a near-mint CCK Large Cleaver (KF1103). Purchased about three years ago, it has been used a couple times for demo purposes only and has the original box edge that could take a touch-up on the stones. There are no chips or dings on the edge; only blemishes are the stray scratches on the...
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    Has Takamura jumped the shark?

    I mean c'mon, now MARTHA is using this stuff? What's next, Matt Lauer "cutting" with these on some cheesy cooking segment on the Today Show? You know, right before the "sweet news about chocolate" and how it's good for you. Barf alert :lol2:
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    Mind blown: Japanese knives really DO excel at push/pull cutting!

    Yeah, I know this is far from a revelation for the pro cooks here, but for the past couple of years I'd be using my Takamura Migaki (and even Hana Damascus) and secretly be a bit disappointed with the performance. The hype about J knives seemed unwarranted, despite the off-the-charts...
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    I sharpened a knife!

    Well, after two years(!) of disappointment, anxiety, and disgust, I finally decided "it's now or never" and decided to break out the Shaptons I bought years ago and try again. What always stopped me in my tracks before was overthinking it. Sometimes the internet just gets in the way: I'd...
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    What are we reading lately?

    Well, let's complete the "doing lately" trilogy with what we've been reading. Here we go: -The New Biographical Dictionary of Film (6th ed., David Thomson). I love this guy (I know many don't). He has some of the tastiest film writing out there, and his knack for getting to the core of an...
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    What are we listening to lately?

    In the spirit of my "what are we watching lately?" thread, let's share what we're listening to lately. Here goes: -Pet Shop Boys -- I've loved their work since I was a kid and first heard "Introspective." I'm now going back to their classics and am more than pleased at how well they stand...
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    What are we watching lately?

    A movie/TV thread on a knife-nut forum? Why not? How about we share what films/tv we've been watching lately. I'll get us started with some stuff I've been watching and some brief write-ups (when I feel like it). All films are rated out of 4 stars. -The Critic (1994-1995): Let's see: two...
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    Chinese cascade: lotsa Chinese food here

    Well, here's some pics of the Chinese food I've learned to make over the years. I stand by all these recipes and have annotated them with where I got 'em and general notes. Beef Chow Fun. From Grace Young's Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge. -- it's the book that got me cooking Chinese, and I...
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    Here we go with another ridiculous Hinoki board thread

    Hope you enjoyed my Mad Fold-In reference there:laugh: Anyways, my 3-year-old Williams-Sonoma plastic cutting board is shot and I was thinking of getting a Hinoki board. It appeals to me because it seems to bridge the gap between a plastic board (don't want another one) and an end-grain board...
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    La Zi Ji! That's spicy fried chicken, Sichuan style!

    Saw the thread on doubanjiang (spicy Sichuanese chili bean paste), and that prompted me to post my recent experience making one of my favorite Sichuan dishes, La Zi Ji (literally, "chicken with chilies"). See photos for final product. First, if you haven't already, I'd go to the Mala...
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    Upgrading my Takamura Red-Handle Gyuto

    Uh-oh. I think I'm getting upgrade-itis here :) I've been loving my Takamura red-handle gyuto (AKA "Migaki") for about 18 months now, but I've always wanted something...more. More heft, more substantial blade thickness (but not too much), and hopefully a slightly larger handle. Does the...