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    Gesshin Hide Yanagiba 300mm

    Gesshin Hide Yanagiba 300mm White #2 steel, sharpened by Jon Broida. This is a beautiful Gesshin Hide Yanagiba that has never been used. The knife had a full sharpening service done by Jon Broida when I ordered it. Comes with matching saya and box. Please PM with any questions you might...
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    Good Tea Sources?

    Does anyone have any good sources for high-quality tea?
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    FS: Del Ealy Parer w/ Chef Son Saya

    Del Ealy parer in aeb-l, buckeye burl handle. Comes with the blue rat trap saya made by SachemAllison. This has never been sharpened, stropped lightly one time on Takashima Awasedo when I got it. I have only used it a few times on not much more than a few radishes. I found that I just don't...
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    WIP: First Attempt at Forging a Knife

    I got the urge to try forging a knife last night, found a couple pieces of rebar in the yard and started research on what I would need to do to make it into a knife. This is my first attempt at forging anything and making any type of knife. The knife is supposed to be a small utility knife...
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    Need some Spanish Mackerel suggestions

    I picked up a nice looking Spanish Mackerel today, I don't have any ideas for what to do to it after it meets the deba. Could I get some ideas for nice, simple, ways to se this? Thanks all
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    GlassEye's Knife & Gear Gallery

    I will continue adding to this as I make photographs. I will start with my most recent acquisition: Del Ealy stainless paring knife, buckeye burl handle; atop beans I harvested a couple of days ago.
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    Odd cutting board size

    I was on the Sur La Table website dealing with a faulty product when I came across this odd cutting board. I cannot think of any reason this would be useful and very awkward to use. 6"x6"x4" on legs. Link
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    DIY Stone Holder

    This is a stone holder I made yesterday from some scrap plywood. Dimensions are 30cm x 8cm x 5.5cm tall, *7.5cm tall (*at end with lift). The block slides in a slot and locks with carriage bolt and wingnut on bottom, hardware is stainless. Takashima Awasedo on base and Choseras without bases fit...
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    My first attempt at bread baking

    I had been wanting to learn bread baking for a while but never got around to it due to the amount of time needed, had the day off today and decided to try making bread. I based my bread on Hamelman's six-fold baguette, I steamed the oven with a hot pan of water and super-soaker for first ten...
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    Doi Keijiro Kiritsuke

    I thought this one was overdue for a photo. Doi Keijiro 270mm kiritsuke, probably my favorite knife.
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    WTB: Chukabocho

    I would like to try out a Chukabocho but on a limited budget. I am looking for a larger size cleaver, carbon steel, I don't want to spend more than about $65. My hope is to get something a bit better than CCK, or used CCK for less would be fine also.
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    Longer Bread Knife

    I am really wanting to get a bread knife longer than the 20cm Wusthoff I am currently using. The Victorinox 14" rosewood is looking pretty good to me, I see it for $45. Does anyone have experience with this knife, how are they? Could I find a better price somewhere? Any other suggestions at a...
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    Going to LA

    I will be in LA for six days next week, my primary goal is to get in as much Japanese food "research" as I can. I also want to shop for some kitchen tools, maybe a knife (JKI is on the list). So, I need Japanese restaurant suggestions of all styles, and any good kitchen tool shops I should go...
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    Long-time Lurker Introduction

    Hi fellow knife-knuts, I have been lurking here for a while and thought I should go ahead and introduce myself. I was attending uni for photo-journalism, but left a few years ago to pursue my passion for Japanese food. I have not been in a professional kitchen yet because the money is better...