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  1. J

    SOLD Integral full tang gyuto + patina

    Hi guys For sale is this full tang integral gyuto with red micarta liners and thuya burr handle hand forged from 1" round bar of silver steel BS1407 similar to spicy white 26c3 Overall length 360mm 14 1/2" Blade length 235mm 9 1/4" Blade height 48.5mm Thickness above heel 2.3mm Halfway down...
  2. J

    SOLD Integral gyuto thuya burr

    Hey guys Looking to sell this full tang integral k tip gyuto hand forged from 1" round silver steel BS1407 similar so spicy white 26c3 Thuya burr handle with crushed lapis lazuli inlay Blade length 230mm Blade height 52mm Handle length 125mm Thickness above heel 3.4mm Half way down spine 2mm...
  3. J

    Integral gyuto with thuya burr lapis lazuli inlay

    Hey guys 240×52 integral full tang gyuto Crushed lapis lazuli inlay Work pony grind 3.4 mm above heel with big taper I'll have more specs up on the for sale post
  4. J

    SOLD Full tang integral gyuto

    Hey guys Well first a bit about me and my knives I'm from Ireland and I've been making kitchen knives as a hobby for the last 5 or 6 years when time and equipment allowed Then almost exactly a year ago I got my first anvil and basically since then forging has taken over my life.fully It's been a...
  5. J

    Integral full tang laser gyuto

    Hey guys just finished this 240×50mm integral full tang gyuto Hand forged from silver steel BS 1407 which is similar to spicy white 26c3 2.4mm above heel 1.7mm halfway down spine .6mm near tip HRC62
  6. J

    Calling white 1&2 W1 & W2

    Am I the only one who finds this confusing? Whatever about calling white wh1 or wh2 that I see alot here too but W1 and W2 are different steels which is often used for kitchen knives too just to make it more confusing
  7. J

    Hi all

    Hi guys I'm a long time lurker but first time poster I'm John,a smith from Ireland and I only make kitchen knives I love to make full tang integrals,nothing feels in the hand like a full tang integral IMO,and i will be posting pics soon So thanks for having me and I hope to get to know you now...