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    Hi if the goal is to get ultimate sharpness (not tothiness, not best edge for kitchen etc) on a w1 or b2 knife. which progression would you do if you had access to 1k 4k 8k (kitayama), ohira suita 3.5 lvl, nakayama lvl 4. would you use the 8k kitayama before the suita? Or would you skip the...
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    Alenox hrc 58

    Hello anyone have experience from alenox? How it compares to blue 2 or w1 in terms of how sharp edge it can take and the feedback on the stones? Anyone can recommend knifes made of this steel? Thanks
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    Recommend steak knife (set)

    Hello, Im looking for a single or a set of steak knifes. Must no be serrated. Preferrably not to hard to sharpen on stones. Edge retention, not important, happy to sharpen often. Stainless? I assume no one make steak knife sets in carbon steel? Then you have to wipe the knife off after every...
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    Shapton HC/HR

    Hello, anyone have feedback on the HC series 4000 grit. It says the HC series is particular effective on high carbon, which I assume they mean white/blue steel. If I only going to sharpen white/blue, should I get the HC 4000 instead of the HR series?
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    Flattening naturals

    Hi I read some ppl say there are little need or no need to flatten naturals, but at the same time, an absolute flat stone is important. So if I receieve a new natural, should I flatten it? I have an atoma 600 that I use on my 1000-8000 synths. Can a 600 grit atoma scratch a very very smooth...
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    Buying from ebay

    Hi guys, Im looking to buy the naniwa 2000 green brick of joy, I cant find any online stores in EU selling it. Anyone have an idea if it is discontinued? Though I find some shops in North America having it in stock. How do I verify a seller on Ebay? Any risks that the stone is a fake or any...
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    Naniwa Aotoshi 2000 in EU?

    hello, really tried google, but any ideas where to buy this stone feom EU? Also if anyone have feedback re this stone its appreciated.
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    Thinning and polishing

    hi im curious if anyone have any facts about this, not only guesses. For a normal polishing for removing patina, how much material do you actual remove in mm (or parts of mm)? The same for a thinning, how much material in mm do you remove? Sure I understand everyone does it differently, but...
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    The western shige on jns insta

    hi did anyone see the price of the knifes that jns put up on their insta y-day? And lenghts, the left is a suji, but lenght? And the right, is that a gyuto? Lenght? Also anyone have an idea how he sells the shige nowadays? He had some on his insta mid May as well, he put them up on insta and fb...
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    Sabatier and global knife sharpening

    hi a friend asked me if I can sharpen his knifes. He has sabatier carbon knifes and global (not forged). I googled and global it says 15 degree angle, and sabatier can be 20-25 degrees. Any comments? I only have 1k, 3k and upwards. Do I need a coarser stone for those knifes or can I start at...
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    Best wood for cutting board ao/sg knifes

    as header, what is the consensus about best wood material for cytting boards? For high carbon knifes, to protect the edge Thanks
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    shig kasumi softer cladding is what

    Hi i did some searching on the forum but didnt find the answer what kind of iron is the softer cladding on Shig kasumi? I assume shig kasumi is special swedish steel and one layer on each side of iron clad. And why are shig kasumi so reactive? Someone knows for sure which polishing technique is...
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    I dont get email notifications on new posts in bst

    hi I would like to get email notifications for all new threads in bst forum. I have tried to ”watch” the forum but I dont get email. I do get email on watched threads. Please advise. Thanks
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    WTB Shig wa gyuto kitaeji

    hi Im gonna give it a try, wtb 210 mm bnib or equivalent. Can consider 240 mm as well but prefer 210 mm lenght. Im EU. Can pay in usd or eur. Thanks
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    Email notifications in bst

    hi all I get email notifications on threads that I start or reply to, or pm:s. But I have clicked the watch button on bst, but never get any emails. I have checked junk mail, i tested to unwatch and watch etc. what am I doing wrong? Any alerts setting in the profile? Pls help ty
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    Shig Swedish steel?

    hi anyone have knowledge about why shig only uses Swedish steel? Seems very weird to use Swedish steel in Japan even though it might be of good quality. Anyone knows about the properties vs ao/sg and from where they source the steel. Thanks
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    Basic sharpening

    hi am curious how you do your basic sharpening, in this case f.e aogami super gyuto that is semi dull, if I start on a 1k stone, i do f.e 20 strokes with quite some pressure, at the heel ony and feel for burr, feel a little burr and want more burr so I go 10 more strokes, feel for burr. Now...
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    Where to buy fingerstones

    hi im new to polishing, been only doing sharpening. Where do you guys buy you fingerstones? Or do you create them yourselfs? For polishing, do I really need fingerstones?
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    List of resellers

    hi anyone knows of some official resellers of Shigefusa? Jns is one I assume. Thanks Niclas
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    Shig stamped or ”engraved” kanji

    hi on Shig gyuto kitaeji are the kanji mainly stamped or engraved? Is it any point in time this changed? Thanks