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  1. bryan03

    cheap handle

    hi i am looking to buy sur "cheap" handle for a small project, 130mm it would be good . do you have some links ? thanks bryan
  2. bryan03

    Carter neck knife

    hi KKF i am looking for a small neck knife , like 190mm . B.
  3. bryan03

    Stolen Knives

    Hello! Last friday, after driving down for the Nyons knife show, I stopped for a bite to eat near my hotel. In the two minutes I was away from my rental car, two men broke the back window and stole my bag with all my knives. There were 22 in total, plus 2 personal knives, my jacket, my...
  4. bryan03


    hi Hello! I've just set up a newsletter signup option on my website. It allows you to be informed when a new knife is available for sale, directly by email. bryan-raquin.com/newslettre-mailing-list Thanks! bryan
  5. bryan03

    survival kit

    a small survival kit :D 150mm gyuto 135mm nakiri 350mm moribashi and it's online here : www.bryan-raquin.com :wink:
  6. bryan03

    220 Gyuto

    bonjour KKf ;-) Fresh out of the workshop a small gyuto ,220mm , 3 layers blade , and Oak https://www.instagram.com/p/BNMYqOSlnxj/ Do you like?
  7. bryan03


    hello kkf ! just finish a nakiri sanmai, 145sc & soft steel, kasumi finish. oak handle .
  8. bryan03


    hi :D something fun .... in fact i am sooooo happy :D a "small" cleaver , sanmai ( 145Sc and soft steel, water quenched) 190x70mm. handle and crazy saya made by Julio Garza of Mokuzo. here ...
  9. bryan03

    for sale : gyuto 180

    hi a small Gyuto sanmai & Oak . Edge 180mm height at heel : 42mm thickness : 1.3mm steel : sanmai , soft steel cladding ( not stainless ) and 145sc , water quenched . handle 140mm , Oak. 250euros . shipping : slow : 20euros Fast : 45euros you can...
  10. bryan03

    Bester700 vs Jns800

  11. bryan03

    suji 290mm

    hello i have a suji online here : www.bryan-raquin.com blade 290mm 35mm @ heel sanmai 145sc & soft steel.
  12. bryan03

    my steel.

    hi KKF ! a small talk about "my" steel :D as you know, i make my sanmaï myself. I use most of time the 145sc for the edge. and soft steel for the outside layers . this is not stainless. the steel comp : 145sc : the soft steel : achim W, made another steel, 125sc, same as the...
  13. bryan03

    PNW gathering knife for sale

    Haburn (Ian, thank you !!! ) told me , the knife i made for the PNW gathering..... is ready to go. of course already used... for one day ... probably not abused the handle is not glued , so you can change it for something more sexy. all the money go for charity, here in france. ( i made...
  14. bryan03

    I broke my elbow.

    Hello! I am very sorry to announce that on saturday last, I broke my elbow. I am in an arm cast for 2-6 weeks, depending on the progression of the break. This means I will be unable to respect my current deadlines. If you have an order that was ready to ship, those will be sent...
  15. bryan03

    small gytuo video

    a nice video made by Anton about my small gytuo ( and an other one, but more longer. ) the small one is for something like a passaround for an other forum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIc5qUK76RQ I would have opinions about my new heat treatment. no big deal, but some some...
  16. bryan03

    Gyuto 265mm video

    hello my last gyuto, 265mm x 50 ( heel) burnt Oak https://vimeo.com/182192728 :knight:
  17. bryan03

    265mm Gyutos Available.

    hello handle : 150mm Burnt Oak ( i can cut it if it's tool long for you ) blade : 265x50mm , sanmai 145sc & XC10 ( soft steel, not Stainless !! ) ( i can't cut it if it's too long for you :D ) the price ..... 350€. :knight: bryan
  18. bryan03

    gyuto , how it's made.

    hi, a little WIP. the steel : 145sc . ready for forge welding : welded, and the hidden tang is forged out : after 2 heat session . and after cut, grind and so... now, the blade is ready for heat treatment, next sooon.... bryan
  19. bryan03

    Sur l'établis .

    somthing on the bench .... tonight it's a 280mm suji. pré grind, ready for kasumi. sanmai 145sc & XC10. handle.... maybe in black paperstone ... what do you think ?
  20. bryan03

    Paring knives.

    hello KKF . I just finished a small paring knife, Sanmai & micarta. :knight: