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  1. Birnando

    New gear arrived today

    So, I've been eagerly awaiting yet another parcel from Maksim, and today it arrived. I've taken a couple shots with my phone, sorry about the quality of the images. I can't wait to test this stuff out:) What you are seeing is a Red Aoto, a Hakka Renge and a custom Yoshikane 270mm...
  2. Birnando

    Recommedations for a Yanagiba

    I would love to have you guys, with all your collective experience, help me out a bit in picking a Yanagiba(single bevel). I'm thinking about a 300mm one, as that size seems ok to me and what I intend to use it for. Making Sushi, cutting fish like Salmon, and generally present soft foods in...
  3. Birnando

    New member from Norway

    Hi all! Just a quick word to introduce myself to you all. I'm a guy in my 40's, quite active in one of the straight razor forums online, and with a love for sharp stuff:) I'm an eager honer on straights, and also keep my little group of kitchen knives in working order. When it comes to...