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    Not new but its been a long time

    Since it's been so long thought I would make a post here and say hi. I used to be a regular, and would make the occasional wonky handle. I have sold off or given away most of my collection and use a large CCK almost exclusively these days. I miss you guys.
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    Going Out Of Business Sale

    Pic 1 Ironwood burl blocks very high quality burl $28.50 each numbered 1-6 left to right Pic 2 240mm stainless CCK bunka $100.00 Pic 3 Spalted Hackberry the very best $28.50 each Pic 4 270mm Takeda stainless suji $225.00 Pic 5 Very beautiful piece of curly spalted cottonwood burl $25.00...
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    Shutting Down

    I don't know how much longer this thread will be active so I just wanted to thank all you guys for the support and encouragement. I just don't have the time to do this anymore and it really bugs me to keep people waiting and not fulfilling my commitments. So I am going to take a break for a...
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    Four FS and a Freebie

    Top to bottom CCK 1301L with a Fish handle $185.00 Doi Dragon Yanagi 300mm $380.00 Konosuki HD2 Funayuki Gyuto 270mm $275.00 Takeda Sasanoha 240mm $260.00 All prices are shipped in the conUS Mag bar is free for whoever claims it. I don't have the screws and it has double sided tape on...
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    14" CCK Watermelon Knife

    I don't know why I did this? I think this might appeal to the knife guy that thought he had everything. To make it ever more ridiculous I used a really high grade piece of Koa with Musk ox for the ferrule. I made the handle kinda square and blocky to match the blade feels good in hand. $245.00...
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    Can't Post pics

    Same computer, same browser, same everything. I cannot select more than one photo to upload and if I try to load the one it just buffers forever?
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    240mm Takeda K-Gyuto

    I have had this knife for more than a year and only used it once, so it's time to let it go. I just don't do much cooking these days , and having all these un-used knives lying around doesn't make sense. I am gonna downsize to just some essentials, and really take the time to use, and understand...
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    270mm Takeda FS

    Older and very thin $400.00 delivered in the ConUS 1 piece Ironwood handle
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    Amboyna Sapwood Handle Blank

    Really great piece of Amboyna with Blond Ox horn I think this one would be good for a 270-300 yanagi/suji it could be shaped down for a gyuto or even a petty too. If you don't like the blonde ferrule it can be changed for something darker $170.00 mounted and returned in the States 21x25mm @...
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    Another Announcement

    I think most of ya'll know I recently changed jobs and went back to work for an offshore drilling outfit. It has been going really well, and I have been enjoying it. My little boy however has voiced his dis-like with my absense while traveling. Luckily job offers have been plenty lately and a...
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    Few More Clearance Things FS

    I have a few more things lying about here that I would like to clear out Two petty handles one from Birch with a triple aluminum spacers and Ironwood $100.00 The second is Ironwood and Koa. I thought the butt on this one was too big, so I trimmed some off in the process I exposed the pin. This...
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    Got a Couple For Sale

    These are just hanging on the mag-block so its time 240mm Tanaka blue Damascus used lightly re-sharpened once $200.00 delivered in the States 200x80mm Cleaver from JKI $70.00 delivered in the States
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    Jones/Henry Damascus Gyuto FS Part 2

    I made this Ironwood handle for this blade. I think it is fantastic, but I know my taste isn't always what you guys like. It's impossible to appeal to everyone. Considering that I thought I would offer this beautiful knife with an option either with the Ironwood handle or a handle of the buyers...
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    I have been wanting a yanagi for a while now. I know nada about single bevels, and I am wondering if this one would be a little much for a first. I'm not too concerned about maintaining it and keeping it sharp at first. I don't think Mike(miles) would mind helping me, and I can always send it to...
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    CCK FS

    Just throwing this out there to see if there is any interest in this style handle/custom work. I really like this freeform style, and enjoy making them. Hopefully one of you guys buy this so I have an excuse to make another. CCK 1301L $60.00 + shipping retail with Sambar Stag horn/aluminum...
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    240mm Watanabe Pro Gyuto-suki

    This was a pure impulse purchase for me. I don't have the time to use or appreciate this beauty. I haven't used since it was delivered. Here's a link to the original sale thread. http://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/showthread.php/14055-FS-Kato-amp-Watanabe 375.00 Delivered in the conUS...
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    Custom BBQ Machete FS

    Wa converted 12" Dexter Hi-carbon bullnose butchers/BBQ knife. Curly Redwood with Ebony handle $200.00 delivered in the conUS
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    Cleaver Love

    Cleavers and I got off to a rocky start. I tried a bunch and just could not find one that agreed with me. I however persevered, and this showed up on my doorstep. It is perfect, the blade length to height could not be better for me. I have been getting so much enjoyment from this thing, makes...
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    Finished Petty-ish Handle

    I rarely offer finished handles, but I was making this for someone and it turned out kinda small, Hate to see a nice piece of Honduran Rosewood go to waste. There are a couple issues with this one hence the discount. There is a small void (see pic) it must have come out on the buffer, and a...
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    270mm Carter KU Suji FS

    Thinned by Mike Davis the handle I made years ago Buckeye/Ironwood/Ivory $450.00 Delivered in the lower 48 Thanks