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    WTB 6 inch SS Santuko

    I have the scalloped edge mighty MAC santoku. 6.5”. Id sell it for $50+ shipping. Not in perfect condition, but I’d send you some pics if interested. It’s a $120’knife new.
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    SOLD Shi.han 150 petty in 52100 ($210!)

    I just passed a major cooking certification, I WANT IT SO MUCH!!! Nice looking knife!! Its so hard to pull the trigger on a petty thats the same price as my 240 gyuto!
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    WTB 6 inch SS Santuko

    Lightly used mighty mac I'd let go for cheap.. PM me if interested
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    WTB Mac MTH-80 Pro

    I have a gyuto 8" and santoku6.5", both scalloped edge. The Gyuto is in fair condition, the santoku is in okay condition. Both have been used and sharped several times. Let me know if you're interested in pics of either, or both. I would give a very good deal if you're interested
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    Masakage Yuki Nakiri, chipping

    I don't see any chips, but I hear what sounds like chipping. I use synthetic cutting boards, in a restaurant. Cutting vegetables. I have been mostly push cutting.
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    Masakage Yuki Nakiri, chipping

    Hello all, I bought a Masakage Nakiri about a year ago. I used it a few times, and frankly I didn't get very comfortable with it. I have no experience with nakiri style knives, and this guy was a much different profile than I'm used to. If I had to guess, I have 2-3000 hours of knife usage...
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    WTB 210 wa petty

    I have a 210mm Goko White #1 petty that I'm willing to part with. Let me know and we can talk about prices. I think I've only taken it to a 6k stone once. Still in VERY good shape.
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    Misono Sweden or similarly priced yo/wa gyuto

    I got a Misono Swed. as a wedding gift, they are worth every $! I would buy new again if I needed to, and I'm sorry but theres no way I could part with mine. Just FYI
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    Mid-range, mid-weight all-rounder gyuto under 225 eur

    I have a Misono 240 dragon and I have a Tanaka blue 2 on the way. I ordered it from K&S... If you wait a few days I can give you my opinion on those two knives. I work in a professional kitchen and do tons of knife work... The misono is my favorite chef knife I have ever used. Like someone else...
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    Good morning!

    I've been at the University Club of Missouri for quite some time. Started as dishwasher for 4-5 months, apprentice did all of the other stations and sous now. I'm moving over to a country club now. They're re-doing their kitchen in January and I will have autonomy of the line and service. The...
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    Good morning!

    Hello all! Just got off work and super excited to start as a sous in a new restaurant. Been in my location for 10 YEARS and ready to take all the knowledge I have amassed and put it to work somewhere else and learn some cool stuff along the way! Cant wait to get into the dark, dark corners of...