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  1. daveb

    Happy Birthday No Chop!

    Heard that today is the day. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the contributions!:icecream:
  2. daveb

    SOLD Yoshikane Hakata Santoku 165mm

    Picked this up on a whim. Gonna let it go. Perfect for a santoku or bunka fan, the blade is very flat (and very sharp) through most of it's length. Fun knife to work with but another bunka style knife that just doesn't work for me. It's clad SKD so should sharpen like a dream. As new...
  3. daveb

    WTS Kono (plural) for sale.

    Kono HD2, 270mm Gyuto. Nice knife, nimble for a 270, used lightly for prep work. Semi-Stainless Kono Steel, has some patina and likely will never be shiny. The HD2 is described by some as a "laser". I think it's just outside that realm (Gesshin Ginga fan) but very thin behind edge. Comes...
  4. daveb

    SOLD Mighty Mac 8inch

    I bought the Mac to see if I would like it. I do. But would prefer a 10inch. I'll trade this knife + 50ish for an "as new" condition 10 inch Mighty. Or will sell it outright for $110. I'm the 2nd owner, knife has seen light use. Togo sells it new for $140 IIRC.
  5. daveb

    SOLD K&S Tanaka Ginsanko 240mm

    Up next is my Tanaka Ginsanko. This is from the first batch of upgraded Tanakas. Nice handle, no longer offered. Upgraded f/f. Has seen some professional use, some scuffs, no damage. Too many 240s, this one may be re-homed. $200 will have it shipped priority and insured.
  6. daveb

    SOLD 240mm Kashima (Yoshikane) Gyuto

    Bought this knife and like it a lot. Did a passaround and participants seemed to like it as well. This has been an all day knife for me a couple times and acquited itself well. I have a very slight preference for the Amekiri offered by James that I bought at about the same time. Includes a...
  7. daveb

    SOLD Stainless Clad Wat, 240 mm, Gyuto

    Downsizing. A lot. I picked this up 2nd hand and like it but it may not make the final cut. So many 240s, a few are being offered up. Very light use at home. No saya (yet). Won't be heartbroken if it doesn't move. 400USD will get it shipped priority, insured, to your door. The whole...
  8. daveb

    So what Kono's do I have?

    I'm going to list these on BST but I'm at a bit of a loss, especially with Suji as to what I have. Help appreciated. Feel free to comment on market price as well, will price to sell. 270mm Gyuto. Bought on here as an HD2, came in box for HD2, kanjii just says HD. 300mm Suji...
  9. daveb

    John's giving back - great idea

    Nice "little" boards. And a chance to share. (Hope I'm not spoiling it for you)
  10. daveb

    WTT WTT / WTB MAC Pro Mighty Chef 10"

    I have an 8" Mac Mighty Chef, looking for a 10" same. I bought mine 2nd hand, it's in almost new condition, originally came from Togo. Will trade and add some cash or buy one outright if price is right. I want to leave a serviable knife at work - but not one of my good ones. If this doesn't...
  11. daveb

    Yo San,

    Stop. You're filling up my (and everybody else's) "What's New" with superfluous crap for post count. We don't play that. Dave
  12. daveb


    Anyone on here in Portland? I've got an unusual question/request/something. Sister is moving to Portland in Feb. She'll be flying into PDX around the 15th, moving company doing the rest. Looking for an Uber like ride to pick her, friend, luggage and large crated dog up at the airport and...
  13. daveb

    WTS Watanabe 180mm Stainless Clad KU

    Fund raising for another and this one is a bit redundant. Almost new - no scratches. Chestnut handle, plastic (I know) ferrule. Has nice custom saya from Chop Shop. $300 will have it shipped Priority, Insured, to your door. Don't know how I missed pic of front of knife - will upload 2morrow.
  14. daveb

    Martell Thread

    Don't know where that blew in from and don't particularly care. A pissing contest on Faceybook or Insty will not migrate here.
  15. daveb

    Boning Saw??? Seeking Recs

    A friend has asked me to recommend a boning saw for this years deer season. Before I go off to Cabelas, et al, I thought I would ask here first. For those that use one, what do you like? Thanks.
  16. daveb

    Kashima (Yoshikane) Passaround

    This line from Cleancut is relatively new. I bought one, 240mm, stainless clad, that I would like to do a small 5 - 6 peeps passaround with. Standard rules apply: After receiving, use the knife for a week, two at most. Comments are appreciated but optional. Sharpen only if you know how...
  17. daveb

    With apologies in advance.......

    Shamelessly lifted.
  18. daveb


    Any sheath makers on here that can make one for me? New butcher knife enroute - want to get a condom for it. PM pls.
  19. daveb

    WTS Tadatsuna 240 Inox

    Another that's a little redundant with others here. One of the original "lasers". Has seen some use but not abuse. Has saya that fits but not original from Tad. Some scuffs cause I suck at cosmetic polishing. $250, priority, insured, to your door. International we could talk.
  20. daveb

    SOLD Wakui 240

    Bought this one from Chuckles at a great price, passing it along for same. $150 will have it Priority, insured, to your door. Like it, probably worth considerably more, just redundant with other knives.