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    Withdrawn Kiyoshi Kato sale

    You may want to add. The 145mm might be a 150mm. I think they only come in 135mm or 150mm (from the source that ordered it from kato- its not mitsuaki5) It's a kanto style nakiri which is different to the kansai ones that people are accustomed to
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    Knife findings

    Doi honyaki?????
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    SOLD Yamahide 275x57, white #1, gyuto

    Yamahide isn’t a “maker”. It’s a knife shop in Seki. This is their house brand Mino (next town to Seli) yamahide
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Really surprised you found this in the Netherlands. The main store is in HK and they have a branch in Sydney down the road from my place. Decent for what it is
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    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    100% not an ashi.. what price point are we talking about for this one? im still waiting for your ashi collection photo 😂😂😂
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    Is www.japanese-cutlery.com legit

    It’s munemasa . 100% legit.. visited the last year to pick up my Shigefusa. Literally 2mins walk from morehei. Hard to find..small. upstairs 3rd floor of an apartment building. Make sure to read the find prints. Most Shigs are on backorder. They list on site as they are “expecting” stock soon...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Good to see you are still here. Schanop mentioned about you a long time ago. Beautiful collection
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    Knife findings

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    WTB Kato 240 damascus

    Heaps of ppl have been banned from this forum. Many of which have nothing to do with dealings on bst
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    WTB Kato 240 damascus

    Ask inzite.. he is always trying to sell his ones
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    WTS Genkai Masakuni gyuto

    Does it come with a signed photo of you and genkai together?? 😏
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    WTB /WTT for a Kato Dammy/Kikuryu

    What katos do you have ?
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    WTS 240 blue 2 konosuke honyaki

    Both of the old batch of Konosuke Honyaki gyutos are expensive Wide Bevel Blue 2 Konosuke honyakis were made by Kenichi Shiraki. You don'see many wide bevel honyaki gyutos around The white 2 Konosuke honyaki gyuto are basically rebadged Ashi Honyaki gyutos which needs no introduction
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    WTT Kato WH KU gyuto 210mm for Kato Nakiri 180

    the profile is more like a standard kato ku. in between a 210 and 240 in length
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    WTT KATO KU Workhorse 240

    Hi, I know Maksim sent a few of these out recently. I am only after the Kato 240 WH KU gyuto willing to trade a Kato standard (Blue) KU Gyuto + cash for it Thanks
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    WTT Kato WH KU gyuto 210mm for Kato Nakiri 180

    Are you after WH or standard? just clarifying .. WH Nakiri is always 180mm standard- it really depends on who is measuring. Some people call it 180mm, others will call it 165mm .
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    WTS Kemadi Vege Cleaver/Slicer in Bulat

    A good /famous maker can still make a bad knife
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    Hello from Hong Kong

    I'm also from HK too. Welcome!
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    Cheapest carbon knives that ain’t junk?

    Misono seconds Best bang for your buck if you can find them