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  1. Bensbites

    WTB Shigefusa Wa Kitaeji Gyuto 210mm-240mm

    As a former lab rat, I love the avatar.
  2. Bensbites

    Favorite boxes for shipping knives

    This. USPS will ship them to you for free.
  3. Bensbites

    Caramelized onions

    I think you can get more heat into a clad wide flat bottom pan without burning the onions.
  4. Bensbites

    Caramelized onions

    I have done it that way. I don’t think you did anything wrong. In a wok, you are only heating a small bottom area. Had you used a large sauté pan or two, you would have had a better ratio of heat in (hot bottom) to volume to surface area for evaporation to occur. I have been known to cook...
  5. Bensbites

    Cheap Knife Blanks

    I use jarod Todd. There is also waterjet knives.
  6. Bensbites

    Bread Knife?

    if people appreciate custom high end chef knives, why not a bread knife? I just sent cad files out to be plasma cut for my own bread knife. The serrations will be plasma cut in, I assume a slight bevel, then sharpening with a chainsaw file should give me a pretty nice bread knife.
  7. Bensbites

    Recipe Requested Queso Dip

    This sounds delicious!
  8. Bensbites

    Can I have some bread, please?

    I suggest josey bakers bread book. It takes you from no knead loaf bread to hearth sourdough over 11 or so loves.
  9. Bensbites

    Other I have a LOT of winter squash to deal with, need some new recipe suggestions

    My family likes squash roasted with salt, pepper, olive oil, maple syrup, and garlic. I think you could sub other sweeteners and aromatics for variety.
  10. Bensbites

    Stone to use after Aizu?

    I have been happy with my Aizu. Sometime for fun I will strip lightly on a king 8000 after the Aizu.
  11. Bensbites

    Burl Question

    let it sit until it hits a certain moisture, I don’t know what that is. Then place it in a low temp oven 200 F, until constant weight.
  12. Bensbites

    Burl Question

    Because the grain to irregular you should stabilize it. I would seal the cut end now with wax, glue, or old paint to prevent cracking while it dry Use out.
  13. Bensbites

    To honyaki or not to honyaki...

    The theory is that the softer spine absorbs more of the impact force... I would not be surprised if 50-95% of people couldn’t tell. as far as the functional art, they are distinct and more difficult. The value to that will vary from person to person.
  14. Bensbites

    Customer service question

    Talking about risk vs reward, generally (very generally) self insuring is cheaper. So one is making money on all those insurance bills.
  15. Bensbites

    Customer service question

    With USPS, you need to document value as in, a sales recipt or similar.
  16. Bensbites

    Customer service question

    I ship insured priority USPS all the time, under a certain value (last time I checked it was $500), no signature is required. In fact my UPS driver has signed for me and left packages on my doorstep or he will hand them to me and say I signed for you.
  17. Bensbites

    Customer service question

    as someone who rehandles knives I ship a few. I basically insist the client pays return shipping costs for fully insured items. This week was the first time I had a close call. The package was marked as delivered on Friday, it was actually delivered Monday. By lunch on Monday I was already...
  18. Bensbites

    52100 vs blue and white?

    I think it has more to do with quality heat treatment.
  19. Bensbites

    Thinning behind the edge

    Something doesn’t add up. 0.05 inches is 1.2 mm. The edge on the photo looks a lot thinner. 1 mm behind the edge I get to 0.2-0.4 mm.
  20. Bensbites

    First etch / grind question

    As far as the etching, it looks like your not taping your stencil down well. Try lighter pass. I use scrap to practice on.