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  1. 420layersofdank

    SOLD Gyuto 280mm custom Milan Gravier

    Whoa the craftsmanship is unreal. I love how creative everyone is getting ! That grind ! Looks super Heiji and even a bit takeda ish right ? How does she cut??? I’m so dang curious
  2. 420layersofdank

    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    Whoa!!! Can I jump in on this list ?
  3. 420layersofdank

    100mm Petty Passaround, looking for feedback

    is it too late to hop on the list ? This petty looks dope
  4. 420layersofdank

    SOLD Mazaki 240 and Watanabe Sabaki 180mm blue

    Hey I can’t see pics of the watanabe . Can u send me a link? Also I have a 240 kochi stainless clad in mint condition for trade
  5. 420layersofdank

    MY KNIVES AND FOOD . beware pic heavy

    Totally making it !!!! I'm bringing my kitchen crew !!
  6. 420layersofdank

    MY KNIVES AND FOOD . beware pic heavy

    hey sorry for the late response. work has been wild ! After Pineapples and Pearls, i opened up the Shaw Bijou but unfortunately we closed after a short 2 months due to financial complications. Now Im at Himitsu with a good friend of mine Kevin Tien , who used to cook at Uchi and Momofuku . For...
  7. 420layersofdank

    Kochi 240mm stainless clad Gyuto or trade

    THIS IS A STEAL!!! Oh man!! I have the 240 k tip and its VERY close to perfect. I actually get separation anxiety when i am away from it
  8. 420layersofdank

    Munitoshi introduction?

    Might have chipped bcuz you didnt do an initial sharpening to open the edge and stabilize it with microbevel, right? Almost like why shigs can be chippy if you dont stabilize the edge. Im sure other people can chime in from experience
  9. 420layersofdank

    150 petty+saya

    Anyone have any 150 pettys they dont use ? Like new prefferred but open to anything. Really hoping for a shig offer ..hehehe
  10. 420layersofdank

    210-240 Gyuto blade only

    Yes google translates it so so but it gets the job done
  11. 420layersofdank

    210-240 Gyuto blade only

    Check out www.cleancut.se They sell loose leaf models(without handles) of kurosaki AS and wakui in w#2. Both in which are cladded in stainless with carbon core
  12. 420layersofdank

    Ealy Damascus parer

    Might be aebl stainless
  13. 420layersofdank

    Misono / Suien / Gudë / Aritsugu

    Pics of gude bread knife? Very interested
  14. 420layersofdank

    Kato 180 petty

    Anyone have a 180 kato petty in good condition they want to let go? If so, please pm me. I have been eyeing that guy for so long. Open to shigefusa 150 pettys both kasumi and KU! Thanks kkf
  15. 420layersofdank

    270 Vintage western gyuto refurb & 135 SHIBATA KOTETSU in R2 (new)

    Need to sell this asap. Price drop on vintage sabatier $150 shipped conus and $160 for shibata kotetsu
  16. 420layersofdank

    270 Vintage western gyuto refurb & 135 SHIBATA KOTETSU in R2 (new)

    270mm Vintage Carbon Sabatier Gyuto with Custom Applewood cokebottle handle + dyed maple burl handle. I bought this off another forum from the handle maker. Let me first start off by saying how comfortable and stunning this knife looks and feels in hand. Stupid smooth and perfect f&f. The figure...