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  1. 420layersofdank

    150 petty+saya

    Anyone have any 150 pettys they dont use ? Like new prefferred but open to anything. Really hoping for a shig offer ..hehehe
  2. 420layersofdank

    Kato 180 petty

    Anyone have a 180 kato petty in good condition they want to let go? If so, please pm me. I have been eyeing that guy for so long. Open to shigefusa 150 pettys both kasumi and KU! Thanks kkf
  3. 420layersofdank

    270 Vintage western gyuto refurb & 135 SHIBATA KOTETSU in R2 (new)

    270mm Vintage Carbon Sabatier Gyuto with Custom Applewood cokebottle handle + dyed maple burl handle. I bought this off another forum from the handle maker. Let me first start off by saying how comfortable and stunning this knife looks and feels in hand. Stupid smooth and perfect f&f. The figure...
  4. 420layersofdank

    Knife rehab from a custom

    Hey KKF! I received a custom gyuto about 5 years ago and has been stored away . It needs some work such as reprofiling , thinning, and some bolster work. Its in 52100 and HRC 60+ . If anyone knows anyone that can do this for me, please PM me. I can send pics . I reached out to Dave M about a...
  5. 420layersofdank

    240 Masashi Kobo SLD gyuto w saya $225

    This thing is a beast!! Has a ridiculous flat spot and F&F is as good as it gets. Got this from A frames a couple months ago and has been a drawer queen ever since. Never sharpened or even stropped. Comes with friction fit saya . Mirror polished blade and has a burnt chestnut /buffalo horn...
  6. 420layersofdank

    Wa carbon honesuki

    Probably a longshot but wondering if anyone has any that they arent using . Thanks kkf
  7. 420layersofdank

    Del Ealy Paring Knife in AEBL

    Selling my ealy parer in aebl . Measures 102 mm and has a box elder burl handle. Really dont want to sell it but its too nice to be left unused. It has gone through very minimal use and by that i mean maybe 1# of cleaning radishes. Never sharpened but dry stropped on jnat. Price : $115...
  8. 420layersofdank

    Gesshin Kagekiyo wh.2 270 sujihiki Like NEW

    I have a 270 gesshin kagekiyo sujihiki in wh2 up for sale. Really dont want to sell it but have to make room for xmas :( Knife was used literally for one spanish mackeral sashimi session. Has light patina but can clean it up for buyer. Comes with lacquered black handle (khii?) Got it from jon...
  9. 420layersofdank

    Mac/tojiro itk bread knife

    Wondering if anyone is willing to let go of their bread knife. I have been looking for one to work on as a project knife, eventually getting a nice natural wood handle made for it but you know how it goes, work work work. Starting a new job soon and we will be doing alot of r&d with bread so i...
  10. 420layersofdank


    This was bought new from another forum member almost 4 months ago. Used sparingly in professional kitchen. In mint condition. Never sharpened. Only stropped on diamond loaded balsa wood + leather strop. Never had a reason to sharpen it. CRAZY! Measures 156mm length Comes with ho wood...
  11. 420layersofdank

    8.5 in SHUN FUJI GYUTO -NEW-$235

    Very thin behind the edge. In SG2 (r2) steel Knife is unused, not even on paper test. Got this as a gift but too tall for my taste and my gyuto collection has grown a bit redundant. I had a 240 Fuji slicer and regret selling :( Blade length: 220mm Blade height: 53-54mm Asking $235...
  12. 420layersofdank


    Need to make room and create funds for stage/travel expenses while in SF. MOST of these knives were used if and maybe a handful of times and cared for as if they were my children. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or email. All prices are firm but I'm very willing to work with you...
  13. 420layersofdank


    Literally just bought this beauty but I need to sell due to hospital and doctor bills. Used once on a onion. That's it. Cuts like a freaking dream and very upset that I have to sell it. Paid $580 Asking $560 shipped conus via PayPal No trades unfortunately, unless it's super cool Sorry for...
  14. 420layersofdank

    205mm SHIGEFUSA kasumi santoku gyuto

    Got this as a trade from forum member. Used once since I got it. Literally destroys produce and does quite well with hard root vegetables. Sticks ever so slightly with potatoes bcuz of blade height but with everything other than potatoes, very nice food release. I need to make room for funds...
  15. 420layersofdank

    240 HHH gyuto in AEBL CUSTOM WA HANDLE

    Just got this from Randy and I wish that it was more fit to my preference. Super thin behind the edge and has the most beautiful handle I have ever seen. Box elder burl with Mokume bolster made out of copper, nickel, and silver. Really wouldn't mind keeping it but it would just be a show...
  16. 420layersofdank

    MY KNIVES AND FOOD . beware pic heavy

    Hey KKF! Thanks to you guys, i think im finally content for the first time with my kit . Here are some pics of my current kit and some pics of my food within the past year. Enjoy! and feel free to give feedback on both knives and food pics. Sorry in advanced for some pictures are from cell...
  17. 420layersofdank


    Got this through a trade recently and thought it would be a good fit for my rotation but too big for my taste. The original owner used it sparingly and is basically in like new condition. Upon arrival, I did a potato test( amazing convex) and an onion test ( not impressed compared to Kochi ) ...
  18. 420layersofdank

    Custom offset spatula

    I am in search of a custom offset spatula. I have gone through almost 4 mini offset spatulas this past year and I need one that lasts. If his has a beautiful hurl handle, I would cream my pants in joy. If any of you handle hobbyists would like to make one for me I would be over exhilarated to...
  19. 420layersofdank

    Gesshin stainless damascus yanagiba in cobalt steel

    I just purchased a gesshin stainless yanagiba from Jon at JKi and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this knife whether it be sharpening, performance, and etc. Jon is actually sharpening it at the moment before shipping it out and to be honest, it was an impulse buy but I think were...