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    What's good knife nerds

    Thank you! My philosophy is always to start strong, so I don't have to upgrade for a while. I'm also kind of surprised nobody is talking about the new Kaeru on here. I know it just came out, but y'all can't resist a good ol' hype post and it looks strikingly similar to the Wakui and that gets a...
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    What's good knife nerds

    Already commented on another post because that's what I thought I was supposed to do. I'm planning on moving into my own place soon and am gonna probably end up with the new Kaeru White 2 240mm gyuto, Kaeru 150mm SLD petty, Boardsmith Maple Board, and some stones (I'd love to buy some used from...
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    New Member - Expanding Knowledge...

    Nice! I just joined as well. Looking to purchase the new Kaeru White 2 from JNS!