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    Inclusions on stone

    Hi I have 0 experience with natural stones and went and bought my first one, is an Aoto and when I received it today I noticed sand/ glass particles on the surface of both sides. One side is a big line with more particles than the other side, my question is: Can I still use it? Or is just not...
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    First re-handle

    Hello everyone, I have a wusthof slicer that I used when I started cooking, the handle was broken from a fall and the serrated edge is mostly gone so I decided is the perfect knife for a project. Any feedback welcome as is my first time doing a handle and the only power tools used were a...
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    Sandpaper polishing on stainless, any good?

    Hello everyone, I was playing today with some cheap knives (torching wooden handles, epoxy on gaps) and I got some automotive sandpaper with various grits so I decided to even the gaps on the cheap plastic ferrules and wood, I got decent results btw, then I decided to try and do a nice finish on...
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    Konosuke ys-m vs masakage koishi

    Hi, is it a big difference between these two? I love the look on them, but is performance better in any of them? I'm not looking for a laser, more into a beater/workhorse. Also I've look a yoshikane and a mazaki but a bit worried about reactivity as I work as a chef and not sure if it will be an...
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    New on the forum

    Hello everyone! I live in London and I've been following the forum for some time, I own a konosuke gs+ gyuto 240 and a shibata kotetsu bunka. Im looking to buy a petty and a slicer in the near future.