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    Akira Sasaoka, Tosa? Blacksmith. Has anyone used his knives?

    Hi all. I follow Akira on IG and he displays some great looking knives. I was wondering if anyone has experience with his work and your Thoughts/criticisms?
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    Kanji help

    Hi all, I need help identifying blacksmith on this sakimaru fuguhiki. Thanks in advance! https://imgur.com/gallery/dF945yb First real post other than introduction so not sure how to properly add image but attached and linked. C.
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    Hello all.

    Been a lurker for 3 years and blame all the vets for my knife addiction. Decided to come out of the closet and face my problem by sending my first post. Look forward to participating in future discussions. Pro chef by trade but often afraid to use my high end buys at work. Always looking to...