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  1. CoteRotie

    Do your part for the post-coronavirus world economy.

    So prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, much of the world economy (and certainly here in the US) has been driven by the consumer. In order to reduce the severity of the economic downturn post-virus, I believe it's going to be important for consumer spending to come back. Therefore, I believe...
  2. CoteRotie

    Best tips you learned from KKF

    Thought it might be good to have a thread for folks' favorite things that they learned from KKF. Could be knife technique, cooking tips, sharpening tips, travel tips, etc. The one that comes to mind for me right now is peeling ginger with a spoon. Never thought of it, but once you try it...
  3. CoteRotie

    What would happen if a sobakiri mated with a gyuto with a broken tip?

    More weird stuff from Touch Of Modern. Can't see anything this would be good for, but maybe I'm wrong:
  4. CoteRotie

    "Vegetables harvest knife" by Sakai Mitsuo

    Saw this recently: "Japanese white steel #2 Vegetables harvest knife 140mm by Sakai Mitsuo" I'm unfamiliar with this type of knife and its exact use for harvesting vegetables. Does anyone have any background or history on this type of knife? Anyone familiar with Sakai Mitsuo?
  5. CoteRotie

    Poll: What kind of knife owner are you?

    I bet I can guess which responses most people here will choose, but maybe I'll be surprised.
  6. CoteRotie

    Not kitchen knives (I think) but why??

    Is that a Nakiri on acid? The other a sujihiki specifically for staircase shaped food? Wonder how the release is on these.
  7. CoteRotie

    Kinda funny....

    April 1st new product releases: https://www.sharpeningsupplies.com/April-1-New-Products-Announcements-C178.aspx
  8. CoteRotie

    Anybody using TPU cutting mats?

    I picked up a couple of TPU cutting mats like this one on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Cutting-Kitchen-Chopping-Vegetables-Crackers/dp/B07HHXDYG6/ref=sr_1_9?crid=2OUNVH8842KI5&keywords=tpu+cutting+board&qid=1553624893&s=gateway&sprefix=tpu+cutting,aps,408&sr=8-9 Though I still prefer Hi-Soft...
  9. CoteRotie

    Multi-tools and steel

    My experience with multi-tools including the Leathermans is that they are mostly made of soft tool steel. It's easy to bend the flat screwdriver on a stubborn screw, mangle the Philips, and dull the knife. Does anyone have a recommendation for a multi-tool with reasonably hardened steel? Do...
  10. CoteRotie

    Hello, and looking for Usuba

    Hi All, long time lurker here. I love Japanese knives, I own 2 Gyutos (One is a Saji Rainbow), a Yanagiba, a Nakiri, a Santoku, and a Petty. I'm looking to add a Usuba for Katsuramuki. I can manage with my Yanagiba or even Santoku but I'd rather have an Usuba to make it easier. I prefer hand...