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    Blades circa 2011 - most around 200 bucks.

    Always like looking back at this site, sadly most images are long gone. https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/artisan-chef-knives.842125/
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    SOLD Tanaka Ginsan 240 gyuto K&S Custom

    For sale is an about as new as you can get used Tanaka Ginsan 240. K&S Custom double horn handle. Used a few times never on the stones. Mint. All in US 48 state overnight ship included. 225.00
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    Can’t upload photos

    Won’t let me upload files on any platform.
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    Any Gibson Les Paul Historic fans here?

    Getting the itch again after selling all my collection years ago. What cha all got?
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    WTS Sell a couple, Sukenari ZDP 189 Damascus 240 gyuto and Ashi 240 gyuto

    Selling a couple I don’t use, have once again wayyyyy to many knives. Both as new, never sharpened. Post pics later. Sukenari 500 bucks and Ashi 200 bucks will do 650 for both. Prices are are all in, shipping etc....
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    WTS Kippington 52100 255mm gyuto

    Kippington 255 gyuto in 52100. Pine handle with a G10 ferrule. 256 mm long and 56 mm tall Very thin behind the edge with a great distal taper to super thin tip. Killer custom knife, just a little bit too big for my liking. Selling for what I got it for which was 380 includes overnight ups...
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    Quick 10 knife food release test

    Had a spoiled 25 pound bag of potatoes, did a quick food release test using 10 knives. Cut to the chase...... Winners 5 Mazaki 240 gyuto 4 yoshikane SLD Damascus 240 gyuto 3 Anryu AS 240 gyuto 2 masakage zero 240 gyuto 1 Shibata Kashima 240 gyuto Don’t know what the deal is with that kashima...
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    20 percent off at Bernal Cutlery today!

    Just got a Yoshi SLD Damascus for a rippin price.
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    SOLD Dalman 240 gyuto

    Up for grabs is my mint Dalman, never sharpened and in like new condition. 550 all in. Overnight shipping to you.
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    WTS Kono blue 2 FM Funayuki 255 gyuto

    Catch and release. Used once and sharpened once. Too much overlap in other knives. 247mm length and 52mm tall. Selling for what I paid 415. Free overnight shipping.
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    SOLD TF Nashiji 240 gyuto and 120 Maborishi petty

    Just want to sell as a pair TF 240 Nashiji gyuto with custom handle and saya, used very little and in great condition. 245 length and 53 tall TF 120 petty Maborishi. Used 1 time to cut apple. Like new. Come with boxes 500 shipped next day air.
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    SOLD Mazaki 210mm gyuto K&S custom

    Brand new. Just not a 210 fan. 220 mm in length and 50mm tall Has K&S custom handle. Paid 290 Sell 260 Shipped next day air.
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    Bought Kono Funayuki 240

    Should anyone be Looking to sell their kono funi 240 Gyuto, I would gladly buy it. Cash, trade or cash and trade - what ever it takes. Let me know.
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    Honyaki prices bordering the absurd!

    Just saw a jikko white 3 oil quench 240 gyuto Honyaki priced at 1700! That’s insane! Question, does anyone else thinks this is completely nuts? Holy crap!
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    Anryu AS 240 gyuto

    Just received yesterday, first impressions are outstanding! Out of the box it needed a good sharpening from 1000 up to 4000 grit. After that, seems to have checked a lot of the boxes that I like! Its 52 mm tall and 245 mm long which sets it pretty near to my ideal. Weighs in at a middle weight...
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    When buying a new knife: comment section

    Does anyone here use the comment section when buying a new knife to specifically ask for certain attitributes such as a flatter blade or or a thin tip, etc....? Do you find it works? The last few times I’ve used this section, I have received the exact opposite of what I asked for. What to do.
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    Bought Anryu AS 240 Gyuto

    Looking to see if anyone had an Anryu AS 240 gyuto they didn’t gel with. Wanted to try one out.
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    Mazaki back in stock at K&S

    Get em while ya can!
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    Traded K&S Sakai Takayuki Suisen Sakura Ginsan 240mm gyuto

    Knife in as new condition. Never sharpened, comes with upgraded Wenge matching Saya. Trade value 450. Looking for like condition gyuto. Check out specs at K&S.
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    Anryu AS vs Koishi AS any thoughts.

    what ya all think?