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  1. rob

    Frustration with Instagram and webstore races to get custom makers' new knives

    Beautifully said Brian. I am so glad you ”opened your big mouth” and totally agree with you. 😊👍
  2. rob

    Should I buy a flat bottomed wok?

    I have the model below this one and it’s excellent.
  3. rob

    EDC advice???

    Spydeco Delica Spyderco Sage1 Spydeco Paramilitary Benchmade 940 These are all recognised as being excellent EDC pocket knives.
  4. rob

    SOLD Carter Cleaver - Blue super and mild steel

    Cool knife with a cool story.
  5. rob

    Traded Catcheside 260, Kamon 265, Tsourkan 240

    Kamon, looks good. I'm going to have a look at home tonight to see if i have anything you may be interested in.
  6. rob

    French/German profile gyuto

    Just be aware a knife with quite a lot of belly and a high tip are usually more suited to a rock chop cutting style. With this rocking style of cutting you tend to walk the blade across the chopping board as you move through the item you are cutting. This can put a fair amount of lateral...
  7. rob

    Any women knifemakers killing it?

  8. rob

    What do you guys use to sharpen pocket knives?

    Spyderco Sharpmaker mostly.
  9. rob

    Kitchen Knife Glossary redux

    Wowsers, plenty of time went into preparing this. Thank You.
  10. rob

    Show your newest knife buy

  11. rob

    Best knife collection threads?

    marc4pt0knives is not so shabby either. :-)
  12. rob

    Show your newest knife buy

    Yoshimi Kato 180x74 Tall Nakiri. SG2 With Kurosaki AS Cousin.
  13. rob

    Watanabe pro 180mm Nakiri, is it still worth it at today’s pricing

    Yes, well worth it in my opinion. Amazing cutter that brings a smile every time i use it.
  14. rob

    My Collection

    Very nice.
  15. rob

    My Stuff

    Love the new Rader 5-steel. Perfect size.
  16. rob

    Breads Sourdough rye beer bread

    Oh, that crust looks amazing.
  17. rob

    Show your newest knife buy

    New to me, Massamoto KS 240 (252mm) Isaiah Schroeder handle.